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Silly No Exercise Season


I can’t believe it is Friday and it is nearly a week ago when I last ran!  I was going to try and get out this morning but have to say I felt a little hung over 😳   We didn’t go anywhere flash last night, we just christened the new family barbeque and I had one to many sav blanc’s to celebrate.  It was so nice and relaxing but I am afraid it doesn’t take much for me to feel like crap the next day especially when you combine it with lack of sleep.

Went and did a bit of Christmas/Birthday present shopping finally this morning and was mighty pleased with my efforts.  Finished the Birthday shopping and I should be able to finish off Chrissy shopping early next week.  We have three Birthdays next week, my niece and nephew (twins) who will be turning 10 on Monday and our Master 3 who will be turning 4 on Tuesday.  He has gone to the next level in cheekiness/naughtiness if that is at all possible!  This year, he is making it his personal mission to send me around the bend by knocking of the Christmas decorations with his foot every time he passes the damn Christmas tree!  I have started putting the baubles that end up on the floor into a box and the tree is starting to look quite bear on one side, ggrrr!  Needless to say, the Santa sacks that were hanging from the lounge mantel are now back in the cupboard.  Being a Virgo, I painstakingly decorated the tree to perfection and now it just looks ridiculous, pesky 3 nearly 4 year old!!

I have changed the face of my blog in preparation for my consistant training in 2008 😉   I did exactly the same this time last year when I changed from blogger to wordpress and if I am correct it was Em who started that chain.  Well, I had planned for a fresher look in 2008 and after seeing Em’s, I couldn’t wait 😆


I am going to try and get out later this evening and run an easy 4-5km as it is quite hot.  I have been drinking lots of fluid to rehydrate myself so I don’t cark it 😆   If I can run tonight then I can run Sunday which means I have squeezed in two runs for the week and in my book thats better than nothing!   

*Edit*  Just went for that run, OMG, what a slog it was.  I only managed 4.5km and had to walk parts of it 😳   The sun was beating down on me and I was looking for garden taps so I could sneak a drink.  Roll on Sunday for a better run.


Comments on: "Silly No Exercise Season" (5)

  1. Sounds like my run tonight …. slog is the right word.

  2. At least you got out there Lee. Well done!

  3. Fantastic effort Lee- it must have still been 34 degrees! Great work.

  4. yep..as someone always tells me when i have a horror run..its a tick in the book …good on you for getting out…gotta have the crap runs so we can appreciate the good runs!!!

  5. It’s a nice fresh look, I like it.

    I bet the next run you have is much better, ’tis always the way

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