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Returning to Normality

I am suppose to be catching up on my pile of chores but decided before I really get into it I would do a quick blog.

It was a flurry of activity pre and post Christmas, and today is the first day where I feel as though things can return to normal, well as best as they can in school holidays.  I have done no execise for 2 weeks unless you count the power walking through the shops like a mad woman before Christmas!!  The funny thing is I was so busy, I actually thought it was still only a week since my last run 😯      

Anyway in a nutshell, I don’t see myself really getting back into running until next week.  I do have a epiliptical trainer that I hired so I will try and jump on that the next following days and at least that will be something.  The thing is, now that I have had this break from running, I am a bit nervous to run again as I am scared as to how it will feel bodywise not to mention my level of fitness now.  The other thing is my hip and the pain in the ball of my foot have settled somewhat from the “rest”.  I think I will definitely have to go back to Podiatrist and see if he thinks it is the orthotics and if not, well I just don’t know who to go to.  The Physio was at a loss as to what the hip pain was due to.  I thought the exercises she gave helped me but I just don’t know???

I have been thinking about my goals for 2008 but to be quite honest I think I need to get my chores done before I can get into that 😆

Comments on: "Returning to Normality" (2)

  1. If your worried about the running maybe you should get yourself a bike 🙂

  2. happy chrissy… ease back into the running..not too much too soon… and the bikes not a bad option

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