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2008 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!!  A day late but nevertheless it is now 2008.  We had a very pleasant, apart from the sweltering heat, sensible, kids do that to you, News Years Eve at RJ’s house.  We arrived at 5.30pm and left after 1am.  We sat around sipping champagne and then later on had a great meal.  Played Singstar 8o’s on the playstation and had an absolute hoot, I think the champagne had kicked in by then.  The kids got sick of RJ and I hogging the microphones and competing against each other that we actually found ourselves playing it by ourselves 😳   Great night had by all and we saw the New Year in loitering at the local park waiting for the backyard fireworks to go off and we were not disappointed.  By that stage I think anything would have impressed us 😆

Now, reflections on 2007, hhhmmm……  My first goal was to run Run 4 the Kids which I did complete with niggles and all.  Entered a few other runs which I honestly can’t be bother looking up but I think I am relatively happy with my achievements as they were all 8km and 10km events, double the distance from the year before.  I know there were a few runs that didn’t actually eventuate due to car and babysitting issues 😡   I went of the rails following the death of my Dad in August.  I still can’t fecking believe it and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him 😦   I did run the 10km MM thanks to Jaykay.  If I didn’t run with her that day, I probaly wouldn’t have rocked up at all, so thanks for that Jaykay 🙂   My last run for 2007 was the Spring into Shape 8km the week after and then that was that.  I sort of dilly daddled around and lost my motivation.

I think 2008 should be a better year for me in terms of consistency in my running because pesky 4year old is off to kinder.  I have very mixed feelings about that.  On one hand I am extemely excited as I can have running time without hassle but I am so nervous about how he will go as he is a bit of a handful and also because of his speech issues.  I also will be returning to the workforce which will be good but will also be weird as this is the longest I haven’t worked, 4 years all up.  I sent of my registration papers to the Nurses board just before Christmas so will sort out where and what to apply for once that is all done.    

So what are my goals for 2008?  To stay injury free, build up core strength again which feels totally non-existent at the moment, weight training twice a week, continue running 3 times a week and x-train.  I am also going to investigate some Pilate classes not attached to gym.  Of course I will try and build this into my family life and try and maintain a happy medium, wish me luck on that one 😉   I am also going to lose 3-4kgs 😆

In terms of events, my two major runs will be Run for Kids again which I have started training for and I will do a Half Marathon.  More than likely it will be the Melbourne Marathon but nothing is set in stone.  I feel optimistic in actually making it to a few more events as we finally bit the bullet and I now have my own car 😀   So the only issue I will have to contend with are my two lovable pesky children 😆   Hubby has said it won’t be a problem to drop them in at work with him if I have to and I have a sneaky feeling I will be taking him up on that offer 😉  

I just want to finish up and thank everyone for your comments over the past year and I have loved reading your blogs as well.  Even though I can’t always comment due to the computer hogs in this family, I do keep my finger on the pulse and read them all.  I find reading them really inspirational and often find you give me food for thought, along with the laughs that I often have.  It has also been awesome meeting some of you guys and I hope to catch up again in 2008.  Good luck to you all in achieving your dreams and of course all your running goals 😀    


Comments on: "2008 – Happy New Year" (3)

  1. Good luck with your goals for this year. Hope to see you at a few of the runs 😀

  2. Happy New Year Lee – your goals sound very reasonable and I’m sure you’ll acheive them with the “kinder” happening and the car – both will make you life a bit less frazzled hopefully!

  3. Happy New Year! So exciting- I bet pesky 4 y.o finds his little niche at kinder and you will find a whole new life working again! Good luck with your goals this year.

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