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My Old Friend


I met up with an old friend yesterday who I hadn’t seen in awhile…….Princes Park!!!  I had about 2 and half hours children free as hubby took the kids off to the arcade games.  I had to make the very hard decision whether to do house work or run at PP, hhhmmmm, 0.5secs later I was dressed and in the car zooming to Princes Park 😆  

I ran 5km and loved every minute of it 😀  I have missed PP!  It was so nice to be running and taking in my surroundings.  Everytime I ran along that shady Royal Parade section, the smell of the pine needles was beautiful.  Also being out with other runners was good.  When I got home I also took the opportunity to do weights and core exercises, and there was even time for me to do a quick tidy up of house.  Very happy with that morning 🙂   The plan for me today is to jump on the x-trainer and do 30 minutes.  Hopefully I will be able to slot that in somewhere.


Yes Andrew, that is $35 a session with three people in the group.  I did enquire a while back at another place and it was about the same.  I do have another couple of places to call so I will see how that shapes up.  RJ offered the suggestion of contacting Physios as she thinks some of them may run classes so I may investigate that avenue.  I certainly won’t be paying $35 a class, that is just plain ludicrous!

Its going to be hot today and I think I might take the kids to the local pool and swim with every other kid in the neighbourhood.  I wish the kids could take a leaf out of my book and just enjoy lolling around watching dvd’s 😆

Comments on: "My Old Friend" (5)

  1. isnt it great when you have a run where everything just feels great.. i would suggest the rest probably did you the world of good…as you said..letting evrything settle!

  2. Woo hoo- 2 and a half hours to do what you want! That is great- can you do that every day? I love Pilates but I have only done the group sessions.

  3. Sounds good, I’ve not been to PP for while either. Must get down there for a run.

  4. I’ve been on my bike around Princes Park a couple of times recently and always keep my eye out for you! Glad to hear you’re up and running again and enjoying it!

  5. Brilliant stuff Lee, a change is as good as a rest, and you had both 🙂

    PP is right near where I work, so it’s my number one destination. Plus, as you say, there are always loads of other people running around so you never feel out of place 🙂


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