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17 More Days

A quick blog for me today as I am getting organised for our stay at Phillip Island 😀  We leave tomorrow with RJ and her boys for a couple of days, yahooo! 

No running for me since Princes Park 😦  It is just impossible to get on any sort of roll at the moment.  Although I am loving being in holiday mode, I don’t think I want to see this stomach of mind protruding 100 miles in front of me any more!!!  I have to get back into consistent exercise and better eating patterns.  17 more days for school holidays to end, not that I am counting 😉  

I am secretly hoping I can run 5km today later on sometime and then maybe if I twist RJ’s arm, I can get a run in at Phillip Island.  I have a sneaky feeling she is probably thinking about twisting mine so she can get out as well.  Oh, the joys of motherhood!! 


Comments on: "17 More Days" (4)

  1. Have a fantastic time Lee. I hope you get out for your run with RJ.

  2. Just do it!

  3. Have fun at Phillip Island! Go for a swim – that is good exercise!

  4. im sure you’ll get out for a run… and if not…theres always the next day

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