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The End is Near

Well I am afraid the flurry of activity is still going on in this household due to school holidays but the end is near!  I found myself at Funfields today and we had a ball.  The highlight for me was the go-karts.  I have never been on them before and because my son is only 9, I had to drive him, what a flipping hoot!!!  I think he was a little embarrassed by my behaviour as I kept squeeling like a girl and laughing my head off 😆    Have to say I am a little tired now and I happy to say the kids looked stuffed, hopefully an early night for the two of them.


I have been able to get some consistant running in since last entry but not much else I am afraid.  I am up for a 45 minute run on Sunday and am hoping to do that down the Tan, not sure I will be able to “escape” but I am going to try my best 🙄   I have changed my approach once again and have decided to build long run up on time.   


Comments on: "The End is Near" (3)

  1. I have never driven a go-cart, but have been a couple of times with Chris’s basketball team and observed. I can remember being scared silly because the seemed to be driving so fast!

  2. You big kid! Go karts are great fun- like dogem cars but with less whiplash.

  3. Have you got any bruises from the go-carts? I have no idea where mine came from after driving a go-cart but they were huge! Loads of fun though aren’t they!

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