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Willy Beach and a Run

Hubby and I took the kids to Williamstown beach this afternoon and I decided because I have done so much with them during hols, I deserved to run down there 😉  It was really nice running along the foreshore and although warm, 29-30 degrees, it was a real tranquil run.  I ran my scheduled 30 minutes and then met up with the family on the beach for a game of beach cricket.  We only played for about 15 minutes because our 4 year old spat the dummy and took off with the wickets, spoil sport!  The kids then went splashing and swimming for a bit and we then built some sand castles.  A very fulfilling afternoon as well as productive for me 🙂

I am going to have a crack at running for 45 minutes on Sunday and hopefully I will be able to last the distance.  My run felt so good today and I can feel my confidence returning once again.  Run 4 Kids is loomimg up so I feel as though I don’t have any room for missed runs now.  Should definitely not be a problem for me from February when kids are well and truly back into the swing of things 😀  

Comments on: "Willy Beach and a Run" (2)

  1. Nothing like a run on the beach I reckon!

  2. that sounds sooooo much more pleasant than my run today…lol.. good luck for the 45 min run

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