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The Tan


I was very happy with my efforts yesterday as I achieved my goal of running for 45minute 😀   I wanted to run at around a 7 min per km pace and ended up doing 6.5km in total, so was really happy with that.  The great thing was when I finished run, which included Anderson Street hill towards end, I felt as though I could have kept going and that has done a lot for my confidence.  My next “long” run was suppose to be an increase of 5mins but I think I may increase by 10 min and aim for 8km in that time.  I think that should be alright in terms of treating this old body of mine nice 🙄    If all goes to plan, I should be running around 1 hour 20-30 minutes two weeks before Run 4 Kids and then I can taper back the week before.

It was so nice to run down the Tan and I think this is one of the keys to great running, mixing it up if you can.  Now that the kids are almost back at school, I should be able to move away from so many boring street runs. 

Weighed myself this morning and almost had a coronary on the scales, I need to lose 4-6kgs and I am damn well going to do it!!  I am going to give myself today and tomorrow to get organised, and not stress too much about it, but come Wednesday and it is D Day to start eating “properly” again.

Comments on: "The Tan" (3)

  1. I think you are right – and that is one of the reasons I’m not enjoying running as much, because I always just run around the same streets all the time. Well done on the run, sounds like the plan is in place for R4TK.

  2. Here’s a proposition for you.

    Would you like to run with Michelle and I at R4K? We would be really happy to pace you (at your pace of course!). What do you think?

  3. Hey, Miss Consistent

    You are doing really well at the moment, great to see 🙂

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