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its all go


I can’t believe it has been 10 days since I last blogged.  It is quite amazing as I thought I would have more time up my sleeve once my 4 year old starter Kinder but I seemed to have ended up with less!

I will just start with this week……  I started my Sporting Spirit sessions this week and have to say, totally loved it 🙂   It was a really nice bunch of people ranging from one runner who had never ran 5km before up to another runner who runs 15kms and up.  I was nestled right there in the middle which alleviated my nerves.  I was scared I was going to embarrass myself but I didn’t, yay for me!  The other thing I was a bit scared about was how old everyone was going to be as I thought I would be surrounded by spritey young 20 year olds but that was not the case at all.  I would say the youngest was in about her thirties and the oldest about 60ish.  Monday’s session we covered drills for technique and strength.  We did all those sorts of things we should be doing as runners but I definitely never do 😳   For example, marching with skipping, patter rans, butt kicks etc.  I am really happy to be doing these types of drills in a supervised group because I find this stuff to boring to do by myself.  Wednesday’s session was intervals, I think thats what they are called??  We started with a 2km warm-up run and then did 2 minute fast but comfortable runs with a 2 min jog back recovery.  Not sure how many of those we did but it was a few.  We then finished with a 1km cool-down run.  All up I think we covered about 5-6km’s.  On the way back to my car when the session was over, I kept my eyes peeled on the runners who were running in the 2nd of the Sunset Series.  I knew that Andrew, Kathryn and Tigerboy from the ausrun forum were running in the event and I wanted to cheer them on if I saw them.  I only saw Tigerboy and he had a determined look on his face.  I called out “Go Tigerboy” which I found out later, he did hear.  Have to say I got a few funny looks when I called that out 😆

I had another dry needling treatment done on Monday and my hip feels so much better, in fact I will go as far to say its not giving me any grief at all!  I wasn’t sure if I needed a 2nd treatment done but I had been told it usually takes 2-3 treatments so I just did it.  I have been doing all my stretches that Physio instructed me to do but I am yet to start my Pilates program.  I was going to start this week but I have had to keep close to Kinder as my 4 year old is having a few toileting issues, number 2’s 😆    I only live across the road so I have told them to ring me if there are any mishaps and I will pop over.  Not sure what is going on with him and I guess we will work it all out eventually but until then, Pilates is on hold  😦   

So I am now going to resume my Run 4 Kids training and this Sunday I will be doing a 8km run at the We Can Walk It Out Fun Run.  This will be the third year that I have ran in this event and although a little low key, I love the atmosphere that surrounds this worthy cause.  I am going to treat it purely as a training run and plan to run slow to see where I am in regards to distance.  If all goes to plan, I might, not sure yet, do the Beat the Boat 10km fun run the following week-end and then the remaining two week-ends leading up to Run 4 Kids, attempt two 12km’s.  I did Beat the Boat last year and have to say I found it to be quite a challenging course so I will see how the 8km goes on Sunday.  I will take it week by week but I am hoping this is the way it will pan out.  That said I will be running at Run 4 Kids 🙂  


needles and running group


Ran down at Princes Park yesterday after I dropped my 4 year old of at Kinder.  It was really quite warm even though it was just after 9am when I set off.  The last km was a bit of a killer.  I ran for 5kms with one drink stop at the 3km mark.  Have to say I was happy when it was over and feeling once again a little negative about my running, or my trying to run I should say.


I decided in the car coming home that I would book in for needling at Sports Clinic and I would go ahead and book into the 10km Booster group at Sporting Spirit  If I want to keep running and improve I have to do these two thing otherwise I can see myself falling off the rails.

I was able to get an appointment for last night at 6.30pm or Wednesday morning and I just bit the bullet and had it done last night.  It is just like having accupuncture done, not that I have had that done, but it was just really fine needles being inserted into two area’s of my hip, and then left in for about 10-15 minutes.  I had about 3o needles inserted and it really was a painless procedure.  There was no discomfort at all.  The hip area was feeling a little “heavy” as the time went on which was good apparently but that was it.  I may need another treatment next week but I have to access how I go.  My plan is to continue with Physio’s orders, if I can remember 😳 and see her on Friday for review. 

I also rang Brian at Sporting Spirit and joined the 10km Bosster group and that starts at Princes Park on Monday.  The session will be on strength and technique and starts at 6pm for an hour.  Hubby has assured me I can go with no hishaps and for his sake, he better be right!  I am a little bit nervous about going but at the same time beside myself with excitement, it just sounds so good 🙂

the whinger and miss responsible


Well, my week since the Zoo run has been a total write-off.  I just couldn’t fit a run in on the Friday and then this morning my planned run also went out the window 😦   Even though I had planned to run this morning, I was feeling really stuffed from a Greek christening that we went to yesterday, so in hindsight it probably would have been crappy anyway. 

I am feeling a little down in the dumps regarding Run 4 Kids.  I just cannot believe I am only at 8kms and on a standstill with running.  It just sucks!!!  I am thinking maybe I should just continue with my plans and then take up with Physio after Run 4 Kids.  I mean really, I ran it last year with sciatica and the pesky hip and lived to tell the tale, gggrrrrr!

Ok, responsible hat is now on 😳   I am going to ring Physio tomorrow and book in for the dry needling as soon as possible and then maybe hopefully, I can get back on track.  If it is raging success, I should be able to build up to at least 11km if not 12kms surely.

Ok, whinging hat back on…..  its just not fair!!!!

zoo run


Last night was a really nice night for a run through the zoo although this time around I didn’t see one animal.  As planned, I did the 4km event, as not planned, instead of “gentle plodding” I just went for it.  In fact according to my watch I knocked off about 1min 16secs of 4km time 😯   Will have to check that to make sure thats right, I did accidently hit lap button on finishing instead of stop button.   

Caught up with Andrew and Kathryn pre-race and had a nice chat, its always nice to see fellow ausrunners at these events 😀    I scooted home not long after finishing as once I had cooled down, I started getting cold.  One good thing about finishing  before 8km racers, the queue for your bits and pieces isn’t long.  My 10year old loved the carlton bag and flag in showbag but I am sure there would have been a lot of runners out there who wouldn’t have been happy with that 😆


I am really happy to report the hip feels pretty good today, in fact I can almost not feel any tender bits.  I really concentrated last night on stretching the way physio showed me and for the right amount of time, I took my anti-inflammatories and iced area.  I am optimistic that I am going to knock this in the butt without the dry needling 😉   

The consultation that I had with Physio yesterday was really enlightening.  She showed me on the ultra-sound where I have imbalances between left and right sides and not enough strength in other areas.  Of course my Pelvic Floor muscles weren’t ignored and I back doing them with abdo exercises 😳   She picked up on my neck pain which I have also had for an eternity and this is all connected to core and posture.  Its is amazing the different outcomes between the two Physio’s that I have seen.  I went to 1st Physio about the hip problem and she did say I had weakness’s between sides, she also said she had know idea why or what was causing it.  I am really glad I have discovered this Sports Physio even if it was just initially for a Pilate program tailored for me.  She definitely knows her stuff and I am optimistic that I am going to get all my niggles sorted at last 😀

Jaykay, I do have one foot longer than the other which was picked by my Podiatrist hence the adjustment made to right orthotic.  I use to get sciatica on left side as well as the hip thing going on.  My sciatica disappeared once he built up the right orthotic but sadly the hip pain has always been a constant.  I felt as though I had exhausted the Podiatrist which is what led me to the 1st Physio last year.  I will go back to Pod though as it is almost a year since adjustments went on.  They probably need to be reviewed.

Andrew, last night you asked me what bursitis was and here is a link telling us all about it 😆

*edit*  Official times are up on website and I had a feeling I stuffed up my time 😳   Finished in 23:31secs not 23:09secs which gives me a PB of 54 secs.  Doesn’t sound as impressive now 😆

*edit 2*  I have a question…. my distance on Garmin came up as 3:87km, so if the satelites dropped out, is that why time would be out?

change of plans


Well, you know how I said in last post that by going to the Physio to get my Pilates up and rolling it was going to change my running, well that it did but not in the way I expected!!

While taking my history she zoomed in my pesky right tender hip which I might add have had forever.  This is the hip that gives me no grief while running but afterwards is always a little tender which sometimes extends down side of leg.  Lately with that, I have had lower back tightness, it all seems to respond well to stretching and rest.  She seems to think that I have bursitis and a ITB problem 😯    The funny thing is I have suspected on and off over the time that my symptons pointed to that diagnosis but when I saw a different Physio back in July/August she didn’t mention either.

So here I was yesterday all excited about doing Run 4 Kids, joining Sporting Spirit and maybe doing not one Half Marathon but two, and, I have been told not to increase my distance above 8km until settled, ggrrr!   The good news is I can still do three runs a week, two 5kms, the 8km and water running/swimming so that is good I guess but now I am stressing about Run 4 Kids!  She has given me a couple of core exercises, glute and itb stretches, anti-inflammatories and I have to ice bursa after running.  She also spoke of dry needling , yikes!!  I think she wanted me to book into that but I am just going to do everything else first and see 😳   On one hand I am happy that maybe I may be able to sort this as I have had it a long time but on the other hand all my grand plans are now on hold.  I was actually going to pay for Sporting Spirit 10km booster group today.  I still want to do that but I guess it would be wise to see how I go over the next week.  I am going back to her next Friday for a review and to do some Pilates.

JH, looks as though the Burnley half is out for me 😉


I am going to do a slow 4km plod tonight at the 1st of the Sunset Series.  I just don’t want to miss out on running through the zoo, it was a great run when I did it for the first time last year.  Hopefully I will get to say hello to a few ausrunners and coolrunners 😀      



I am really excited about my Pilates appointment tomorrow, it is going to change my running life, well I hope 😆   I just can’t help feeling when I get this on a roll, it is going to make me stronger and I am happy I am starting it now before Run 4 Kids.  I am hoping the core strength will me to finish a little better than last year, the last 3km’s especially that last 1km was a killer 😳   

The other thing I am excited about is, I rang Sporting Spirit today and had a long chat with Brian, one of the running coaches, about my running.  I have decided to join the 10km Booster group, not sure if I will be able to get to all the sessions but at least I will have some structure and advice along the way.  Its three sessions a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm and Sunday mornings at Princes Park.  The Sunday session is at 8am so I know I won’t always be able to do this session but I am hoping to sort something out so I can at least do some.  If not, I will find out what is being done and do it myself later in the morning.

I have been mulling over which half marathon to do after Run 4 Kids.  Initially I thought it would be the Melbourne Marathon in October but I think I may want to do one earlier than that.  I was thinking about Run to the G but I am not sure about that as I have been looking at feedback from runners in previous years and it is all not so great.  So any suggestions or feedback about Run to the G or any other half after Run 4 Kids would be good.

Lastly, I may rock up for the 4km Zoo run tomorrow night.  I did want to run 5km tomorrow but I loved this run so much last year, and even though I did the 8km I can’t help feeling it is one not to miss, even if it is only a 4km 🙂

Capital City Trail


I am feeling absolutely fantabulous after my 9km jaunt along the Capital City Trail this morning 🙂   I was originally going to go to the Tan but one look at the other half when he walked in from work told me I should stay close to home 🙄   So I hit Princes Park and decided instead of doing laps, I would give the CCT a go and I am so glad I did.

I did stuff up and ended up on Hoddle Street and ran just past the Clifton Street Train Station before venturing back along the trail.  There was an arranged CCT run organised by a few Coolrunners and I knew “Tigerboy” was running with them and as coincidence would have it, I saw them at the point where I should have gone to continue along trail.  I ran past the Rushall Station instead of going through underpass to otherside.  Now the egg I am, I thought I would do a shifty and follow their path so I could see exactly where the trail went for next time but I was sprung because they stopped for a stretch just as I turned the corner 😳   No TB in sight but I did see another group of Coolrunners not long after and I am thinking he may have been in that pack but by then I was too far away to see.  Anyway, next time I will know where to go, I hope! 


I have booked in for my Clinical Pilates assessment on Wednesday morning at the Alphington Sports Clinic, and I can’t wait to get this on a roll.  I put off making the appointment last week because I thought the kinder may call me to calm the Pesky 4 year old during his session, yeah right!  I know, I know, I am happy that he has settled in so well, but really…….

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