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I had my car booked in on Tuesday for its 1000km check, so after I dropped it in I went for my 30 minute run ending at home.  It was just after 9am but the sun was already warm.  In fact it was one of those slog runs again 🙄   Its amazing how my 45 minute run on Sunday was great but couldn’t wait for the 30 minute one to end!   

Yesterday wasn’t so bad as it was cooler, raining in fact in the morning so I put my run off until the afternoon.  I nearly pulled the pin I must admit but when I realised there was no way I could swing a run today, I put on the “uniform” and out I went.

I still feel as though I am a really crappy runner.  Sometimes I just feel as though my body is too old for this caper and I am never going to “get comfortable”.  I have to always concentrate on holding my self upright, swing my arms the right way, breath correctly and pace myself.  I also struggle mindwise at times which I have mentioned before, especially when I do the street runs.  Anyway, I shall continue, who knows, give me another year on top of the two that I have already been running and it might get better, thats if I don’t have a zimmer frame by then 😆


At Dad’s funeral, we gave out packets of Sunflower seeds for everyone to plant to celebrate my Dad’s wonderful life.  I planted about 12 seeds and out of those 12 seeds, 4 took off, two larger ones and two smaller ones.  To me it signifies my family, myself, hubby and our two children.  Funny enough, they seem to represent the size of us, for eg, out of the two larger ones there is a slightly smaller one and the same for the two smaller ones.  It may be coincidence but I like to think it is not 🙂    I didn’t upload a picture of all 4 because if is a sideways shot and I don’t know how to turn it around 🙄   

 Our pesky 4 year old who insisted on being in photo, and, in need of a haircut which is happening today.  You can see one of the smaller sunflowers in that shot and one of the taller ones.

Edit*  Jaykay, I would love to run with you and Michelle at Run 4 Kids but I am suppose to be running with RJ.  RJ at the moment is nursing a dodgy hip so we have our fingers crossed that it sorts itself out so she can.  Having said that I know I am going to be darn slow so you and Michelle may want to zoom ahead 🙂


Comments on: "Sunflowers" (3)

  1. That is such a cool idea about the sunflower seed. And you are NOT too old for this caper or at least I hope not or I have to plan my retirement too and how boring would that be without a run to plan or look forward too.

  2. I love the sunflowers idea – it is a wonderful tribute. And, like Sara said, you are definitely not too old – you have a good few years on me you know!

    We all have good and crappy runs, in fact recently, most of mine have been crappy, I’m really looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit, I’m sure the heat is the thing that is killing us.

  3. ..if it makes you feel better.. a few weeks ago i think i had about 10 crappy runs in a row… and very often have runs when i feel like i am the most unfit person on the planet… you just keep pluggin away for those beautiful runs that come around….. aaaaaaah

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