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my body is now my temple


Aaaaggggghhhhhhhh, another crappy run!!  I was going to run down the Tan but because hubby got home from work late I changed my venue to Princes Park.  I wanted to get home sooner so he could go to bed if he was tired.  I much prefer to do my longer runs at the Tan over running laps at Princes Park.  When I arrived at Princes Park and turned my Garmin on, it told me my battery was low.  When it finally found the satelites it died not long after so that mean’t I could not run to time which is what I have been doing.  Great start!  I had planned to run for 55 minutes today so worked out if I was running my long run pace of 7m per km that would give me the approximate distance of 8km, so that is what I aimed for.  I more or less struggled for the first 6km and had three drink stops and a stretch 😳    My self talk was really negative and I could hear myself saying, this is terrible, I am not going to be able to make the distance and omg, how long have I been running but once I hit the 6km mark, it completely turned around.  I was then saying come on you can do it, only another 12-14 minutes to go, its only 2km 😆

There were so many people down at Princes Park today.  The Sri Chinmoy event was on this morning but by the time I got down there it had more or less finished.  I am still yet to do one of these events.  The 8am start is not good for me but I am going to do one of these this year sometime, somehow.  There were a few personal training groups, bike riders, walkers, Thai Chi and Yoga groups.  The atmosphere was good though with everyone busily doing their execise and I think that did help a touch.

Now I think the reason my run was so crappy today was because of the state I am in at the moment.  I am carrying way to much weight, I never drink enough water and yesterday I had the most disgraceful eating day ever.  Apart from breakfast, everything else that I ate was crap!!!  I actually went to bed with my stomach groaning and woke up that way as well.  So today I am definitely back on the wagon, my body is my temple!  Next week I am going to repeat that 8km and hopefully it will be better 🙂


Comments on: "my body is now my temple" (6)

  1. Hi There,

    Isn’t it funny how negative self talk can impact us. I was riding the other week and i was really tired and i kept saying to myself “i’m just not going to be able to make it” I was so depressed I was almost in tears. Themond is such a powerful thing. It was great that you were able to turn it around.


  2. ..yep glad you finished it off so well… good going lee!!!

  3. Yes, you have to banish those negative thoughts and complete overpower them with positive self-talk !!!

  4. It sounds like you stuck it out though. It seems like the whole of Melbourne is out there running, riding, rowing etc right now- it is encouraging.

  5. I’ve been succumbing to Dreamy Donuts a fair bit lately, apparently each donut contains your full daily allowance of fat. Some days I have two! Yes, it feels crappy when you fill up with junk. I’ll be on the bandwagon with you. Stick with it.

  6. I do like your template. Very dark, very cool.

    I’ve had a series of crappy runs myself lately. I think it’s due to the humidity, which just leaves me feeling flat. I’m probably a few kms above ideal running weight, but bugger it, I don’t have time to worry about that.

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