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need for speed


I always keep an eye on the training program that Steve Moneghetti has on the Run 4 Kids website and I noticed this week they had a speed session included.  So because I have been struggling with my boring slog street runs, I thought I would try and do some sprints down out local Athletics track.  I decided to modify it as I wasn’t sure how I would go and I really didn’t want to kill myself.  There were also quite a few “real” runners down there doing speed sessions and I didn’t want to look to much of a doofus 🙄  So, I ended up doing a 2km run to track and then completed 200m x3 sprints at max pace of 3:27 with 200m walk recoveries in between.  I then ran home.  Even though it doesn’t sound like much, I have to say I found it quite exhilerating.  The best bit is today I feel really good, no niggles and I can move 😆


Well, our pesky 4 year old started kinder this week and I was really nervous how he would go.  He has been to two sessions this week and I thought he would be clingy and upset when I left him there.  Yesterday he actually blew me off without even giving me a kiss good-bye and this morning he was peed off that he had to go to speech and there was no kinder session.  I guess I should be pleased that he seems to have settled into it well but quite frankly I can’t help but find it a little rude 😆


Comments on: "need for speed" (6)

  1. well done with the speed session 🙂

    At least your son isn’t crying when you pick him up to go home!

  2. As I said on Ausrun, go speedy 🙂

    Are you getting a bit of extra time while your 4 year old is at Kinder?

  3. That is so good that he has loved kinder straightaway. Nice speed session too!

  4. Just wait until your kids are 18 & 21 like ours, then you get rejected more often and more regularly.

    I need to start building in some speed and hill sessions into my running. One of my goals for this year that I haven’t started yet.

  5. ..hey never worry about other runners thinking anything…. you never ever think anything about other peoples speed…the only time you notice anything is when you go….wow..they are fast!!! apart from that ,everyone is just trying to improve 🙂
    and a speed session really breaks up the drudgery…. well done

  6. I had to laugh at Kathryn’s comment. My little boy does that at childcare – he doesn’t want to go home.

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