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I am really excited about my Pilates appointment tomorrow, it is going to change my running life, well I hope 😆   I just can’t help feeling when I get this on a roll, it is going to make me stronger and I am happy I am starting it now before Run 4 Kids.  I am hoping the core strength will me to finish a little better than last year, the last 3km’s especially that last 1km was a killer 😳   

The other thing I am excited about is, I rang Sporting Spirit today and had a long chat with Brian, one of the running coaches, about my running.  I have decided to join the 10km Booster group, not sure if I will be able to get to all the sessions but at least I will have some structure and advice along the way.  Its three sessions a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm and Sunday mornings at Princes Park.  The Sunday session is at 8am so I know I won’t always be able to do this session but I am hoping to sort something out so I can at least do some.  If not, I will find out what is being done and do it myself later in the morning.

I have been mulling over which half marathon to do after Run 4 Kids.  Initially I thought it would be the Melbourne Marathon in October but I think I may want to do one earlier than that.  I was thinking about Run to the G but I am not sure about that as I have been looking at feedback from runners in previous years and it is all not so great.  So any suggestions or feedback about Run to the G or any other half after Run 4 Kids would be good.

Lastly, I may rock up for the 4km Zoo run tomorrow night.  I did want to run 5km tomorrow but I loved this run so much last year, and even though I did the 8km I can’t help feeling it is one not to miss, even if it is only a 4km 🙂

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  1. I agree you can probably do one between R4TK and Melbourne, but which???? It depends what you want. If you want a big event and a memorable day, probably Run to the G is best. It has the biggest crowd and most advertising, even if most reports seem to be negative (I haven’t run it myself).

    The Sri Chinmoy one at Williamstown is more low key and, well, Sri Chinmoy-ish. The course is very flat and boring and last year had a terrible head-wind. I know, I ran the full marathon.

    The AV half at Burnley is equally low-key but very fast and a bit intimidating. There aren’t too many plodders, lots of super-athlete types. I did a PB there last year (82mins) but came WAY down the field.

    Maybe the one at Sandringham would be best. It’s smaller and better organised than RTTG, but a more interesting course than the others, and more of an event. There should be enough time to recover between then and MM, unless you plan on setting a world record.

    Whew! A novel!!!

  2. Lee, I did the RunToTheG the last two years (10km in 2006, HM in 2007) and enjoyed them both. They are well organised, pace groups etc. and big numbers. I’d say it would be a good place to try your HM.

    Hope to see you tomorrow at the Zoo! Will be good to talk about how the pilates went.

  3. hey lee..do the zoo run..by the time you do a warm up and cool down you should have done 6kms 🙂

  4. Enjoy the zoo run Lee.

    And I’d look at doing the Sandy Point Half. It’s a relatively flat course so not too much up and down hill. That’s the one that Michelle and I made our half marathon debut at. Good luck with whichever one you choose 🙂

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