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change of plans


Well, you know how I said in last post that by going to the Physio to get my Pilates up and rolling it was going to change my running, well that it did but not in the way I expected!!

While taking my history she zoomed in my pesky right tender hip which I might add have had forever.  This is the hip that gives me no grief while running but afterwards is always a little tender which sometimes extends down side of leg.  Lately with that, I have had lower back tightness, it all seems to respond well to stretching and rest.  She seems to think that I have bursitis and a ITB problem 😯    The funny thing is I have suspected on and off over the time that my symptons pointed to that diagnosis but when I saw a different Physio back in July/August she didn’t mention either.

So here I was yesterday all excited about doing Run 4 Kids, joining Sporting Spirit and maybe doing not one Half Marathon but two, and, I have been told not to increase my distance above 8km until settled, ggrrr!   The good news is I can still do three runs a week, two 5kms, the 8km and water running/swimming so that is good I guess but now I am stressing about Run 4 Kids!  She has given me a couple of core exercises, glute and itb stretches, anti-inflammatories and I have to ice bursa after running.  She also spoke of dry needling , yikes!!  I think she wanted me to book into that but I am just going to do everything else first and see 😳   On one hand I am happy that maybe I may be able to sort this as I have had it a long time but on the other hand all my grand plans are now on hold.  I was actually going to pay for Sporting Spirit 10km booster group today.  I still want to do that but I guess it would be wise to see how I go over the next week.  I am going back to her next Friday for a review and to do some Pilates.

JH, looks as though the Burnley half is out for me 😉


I am going to do a slow 4km plod tonight at the 1st of the Sunset Series.  I just don’t want to miss out on running through the zoo, it was a great run when I did it for the first time last year.  Hopefully I will get to say hello to a few ausrunners and coolrunners 😀      

Comments on: "change of plans" (4)

  1. This is why I never go to the doctor. Do this, don’t do that, bend over while I “dry-needle” you…. No fun AT ALL.

    Just keep running and hope it all goes away. That’s my answer to everything.

  2. Lee I had the dry needling and I thought it was a total waste of time (and money). Saying that, it was in my calf and it may have a different result in your hip.

    I also had some needling done (from a Myotherapist) in my hip when I had problems with that, and once again it didn’t help. What helped was that the Sports Doc told me I had one leg longer than the other and once I’d put a small heel raiser in my trainer, all the problems went away. That was after I’d had x-rays and an MRI scan done. The heel raiser cost me $10 😡

  3. Good to see you again tonight 😀 Can’t wait to hear how you did in the run.

  4. Yeah it was good to see you again tonight – I hope the run went well!

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