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zoo run


Last night was a really nice night for a run through the zoo although this time around I didn’t see one animal.  As planned, I did the 4km event, as not planned, instead of “gentle plodding” I just went for it.  In fact according to my watch I knocked off about 1min 16secs of 4km time 😯   Will have to check that to make sure thats right, I did accidently hit lap button on finishing instead of stop button.   

Caught up with Andrew and Kathryn pre-race and had a nice chat, its always nice to see fellow ausrunners at these events 😀    I scooted home not long after finishing as once I had cooled down, I started getting cold.  One good thing about finishing  before 8km racers, the queue for your bits and pieces isn’t long.  My 10year old loved the carlton bag and flag in showbag but I am sure there would have been a lot of runners out there who wouldn’t have been happy with that 😆


I am really happy to report the hip feels pretty good today, in fact I can almost not feel any tender bits.  I really concentrated last night on stretching the way physio showed me and for the right amount of time, I took my anti-inflammatories and iced area.  I am optimistic that I am going to knock this in the butt without the dry needling 😉   

The consultation that I had with Physio yesterday was really enlightening.  She showed me on the ultra-sound where I have imbalances between left and right sides and not enough strength in other areas.  Of course my Pelvic Floor muscles weren’t ignored and I back doing them with abdo exercises 😳   She picked up on my neck pain which I have also had for an eternity and this is all connected to core and posture.  Its is amazing the different outcomes between the two Physio’s that I have seen.  I went to 1st Physio about the hip problem and she did say I had weakness’s between sides, she also said she had know idea why or what was causing it.  I am really glad I have discovered this Sports Physio even if it was just initially for a Pilate program tailored for me.  She definitely knows her stuff and I am optimistic that I am going to get all my niggles sorted at last 😀

Jaykay, I do have one foot longer than the other which was picked by my Podiatrist hence the adjustment made to right orthotic.  I use to get sciatica on left side as well as the hip thing going on.  My sciatica disappeared once he built up the right orthotic but sadly the hip pain has always been a constant.  I felt as though I had exhausted the Podiatrist which is what led me to the 1st Physio last year.  I will go back to Pod though as it is almost a year since adjustments went on.  They probably need to be reviewed.

Andrew, last night you asked me what bursitis was and here is a link telling us all about it 😆

*edit*  Official times are up on website and I had a feeling I stuffed up my time 😳   Finished in 23:31secs not 23:09secs which gives me a PB of 54 secs.  Doesn’t sound as impressive now 😆

*edit 2*  I have a question…. my distance on Garmin came up as 3:87km, so if the satelites dropped out, is that why time would be out?


Comments on: "zoo run" (4)

  1. great run mate!!
    dont worry about not being able to do long runs.. stu(coach) tells me water running can be just as beneficial.. make your long runs water runs 🙂

  2. Well done on the PB Lee – that is an awesome effort because it is not a real good track to get a PB on. I can’t believe you didn’t see any animals – you must have been focused on the run – I nearly tripped over a peacock at one point!

    Interestingly, my official time was longer (only by 12 seconds) than my watch time.

    My son is a Carlton supporter too so I gave him the Carlton stuff – I guess my 21 yo wasn’t as psyched as your young’un.

  3. Woo Hoo

    Great PB, bummer I wasn’t able to be there, would have loved a Blues bag too 🙂

  4. Well done on getting a PB Lee. Just catching up on your blog. It’s great to see that you’ve been doing so much running. I’m also impressed by your new physio. It sounds like you’re getting great advice.

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