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Well, my week since the Zoo run has been a total write-off.  I just couldn’t fit a run in on the Friday and then this morning my planned run also went out the window 😦   Even though I had planned to run this morning, I was feeling really stuffed from a Greek christening that we went to yesterday, so in hindsight it probably would have been crappy anyway. 

I am feeling a little down in the dumps regarding Run 4 Kids.  I just cannot believe I am only at 8kms and on a standstill with running.  It just sucks!!!  I am thinking maybe I should just continue with my plans and then take up with Physio after Run 4 Kids.  I mean really, I ran it last year with sciatica and the pesky hip and lived to tell the tale, gggrrrrr!

Ok, responsible hat is now on 😳   I am going to ring Physio tomorrow and book in for the dry needling as soon as possible and then maybe hopefully, I can get back on track.  If it is raging success, I should be able to build up to at least 11km if not 12kms surely.

Ok, whinging hat back on…..  its just not fair!!!!


Comments on: "the whinger and miss responsible" (3)

  1. Hope the needling works out for you.

    And I think you should just do the R4K anyway, as long as you don’t think you’re going to do any more damage!

  2. definitely ring the physio

  3. Dry needling sounds terrible. But ring the physio!

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