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needles and running group


Ran down at Princes Park yesterday after I dropped my 4 year old of at Kinder.  It was really quite warm even though it was just after 9am when I set off.  The last km was a bit of a killer.  I ran for 5kms with one drink stop at the 3km mark.  Have to say I was happy when it was over and feeling once again a little negative about my running, or my trying to run I should say.


I decided in the car coming home that I would book in for needling at Sports Clinic and I would go ahead and book into the 10km Booster group at Sporting Spirit  If I want to keep running and improve I have to do these two thing otherwise I can see myself falling off the rails.

I was able to get an appointment for last night at 6.30pm or Wednesday morning and I just bit the bullet and had it done last night.  It is just like having accupuncture done, not that I have had that done, but it was just really fine needles being inserted into two area’s of my hip, and then left in for about 10-15 minutes.  I had about 3o needles inserted and it really was a painless procedure.  There was no discomfort at all.  The hip area was feeling a little “heavy” as the time went on which was good apparently but that was it.  I may need another treatment next week but I have to access how I go.  My plan is to continue with Physio’s orders, if I can remember 😳 and see her on Friday for review. 

I also rang Brian at Sporting Spirit and joined the 10km Bosster group and that starts at Princes Park on Monday.  The session will be on strength and technique and starts at 6pm for an hour.  Hubby has assured me I can go with no hishaps and for his sake, he better be right!  I am a little bit nervous about going but at the same time beside myself with excitement, it just sounds so good 🙂


Comments on: "needles and running group" (5)

  1. How fantastic that you joined the group. I’m sure it’ll give you a heap more confidence once you’re there and doing it.

    Good luck with the hip. Hope it all works out.

  2. I write down all the instructions from the physio – if she doesn’t- because I always forget them.

  3. Well done on joining the Sporting Spirit group I’m sure it will be great!

  4. Hope you enjoy the group. It sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with the physio instructions.

  5. ..joining a group is always a great motivator..wise decision..miss responsible :):)

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