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I can’t believe it has been 10 days since I last blogged.  It is quite amazing as I thought I would have more time up my sleeve once my 4 year old starter Kinder but I seemed to have ended up with less!

I will just start with this week……  I started my Sporting Spirit sessions this week and have to say, totally loved it 🙂   It was a really nice bunch of people ranging from one runner who had never ran 5km before up to another runner who runs 15kms and up.  I was nestled right there in the middle which alleviated my nerves.  I was scared I was going to embarrass myself but I didn’t, yay for me!  The other thing I was a bit scared about was how old everyone was going to be as I thought I would be surrounded by spritey young 20 year olds but that was not the case at all.  I would say the youngest was in about her thirties and the oldest about 60ish.  Monday’s session we covered drills for technique and strength.  We did all those sorts of things we should be doing as runners but I definitely never do 😳   For example, marching with skipping, patter rans, butt kicks etc.  I am really happy to be doing these types of drills in a supervised group because I find this stuff to boring to do by myself.  Wednesday’s session was intervals, I think thats what they are called??  We started with a 2km warm-up run and then did 2 minute fast but comfortable runs with a 2 min jog back recovery.  Not sure how many of those we did but it was a few.  We then finished with a 1km cool-down run.  All up I think we covered about 5-6km’s.  On the way back to my car when the session was over, I kept my eyes peeled on the runners who were running in the 2nd of the Sunset Series.  I knew that Andrew, Kathryn and Tigerboy from the ausrun forum were running in the event and I wanted to cheer them on if I saw them.  I only saw Tigerboy and he had a determined look on his face.  I called out “Go Tigerboy” which I found out later, he did hear.  Have to say I got a few funny looks when I called that out 😆

I had another dry needling treatment done on Monday and my hip feels so much better, in fact I will go as far to say its not giving me any grief at all!  I wasn’t sure if I needed a 2nd treatment done but I had been told it usually takes 2-3 treatments so I just did it.  I have been doing all my stretches that Physio instructed me to do but I am yet to start my Pilates program.  I was going to start this week but I have had to keep close to Kinder as my 4 year old is having a few toileting issues, number 2’s 😆    I only live across the road so I have told them to ring me if there are any mishaps and I will pop over.  Not sure what is going on with him and I guess we will work it all out eventually but until then, Pilates is on hold  😦   

So I am now going to resume my Run 4 Kids training and this Sunday I will be doing a 8km run at the We Can Walk It Out Fun Run.  This will be the third year that I have ran in this event and although a little low key, I love the atmosphere that surrounds this worthy cause.  I am going to treat it purely as a training run and plan to run slow to see where I am in regards to distance.  If all goes to plan, I might, not sure yet, do the Beat the Boat 10km fun run the following week-end and then the remaining two week-ends leading up to Run 4 Kids, attempt two 12km’s.  I did Beat the Boat last year and have to say I found it to be quite a challenging course so I will see how the 8km goes on Sunday.  I will take it week by week but I am hoping this is the way it will pan out.  That said I will be running at Run 4 Kids 🙂  


Comments on: "its all go" (3)

  1. yeah i hate the drills by myself too!!! i only do them if my coach explicitly says i have to!!!snooooooooze central

  2. I’m too embarassed to do those drills on my own, not the boredom factor – glad you are enjoying the sessions.

  3. Those sessions sound fantastic! I am like Andrew and would be too embarrassed to do that all by myself (how silly are we and why do we care!) Looking forward to cheering you at the R4Kids.

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