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I ran on Sunday as planned at the We Can Walk it Out fun run and everything felt good.  I did the 8kms and managed to run whole way which included that pesky Anderson Street hill twice.  The second time up was a bit of a grind but I wasn’t going to let that bugger beat me 😆   Considering that was my first “long” run in about three weeks, I was happy that I was able to do it but it still leaves me a long way off Run 4 Kids distance 😦  

Rocked up to Sporting Spirit last night and I have to say I was feeling sore from previous day and nearly didn’t go 😳  My quads and hamstrings were protesting but I decided to stop being a wuss and get my butt there.  It was a strength and technique session and I thought surely it wouldn’t be too grinding.  It was a good session which covered upper body strength, lower body strength 😯   , drills and a bit of running.  I was really glad I did it and once again I am so glad I have joined this group.  It is really giving me direction and confidence that finally my running will come together.  I still haven’t been able to start my Pilate sessions at Physio’s but I have my fingers crossed I will be able to start soon.


I have still been having issues with my 4 year old who has done a complete 360 degree turn around and now doesn’t want to go to kinder anymore.  Oh well, that will teach me for looking a gift horse in the mouth as he loved it at the start and I was a little disappointed that he cut the apron strings so easily 😆

I received my Run 4 Kids race pack yesterday and I am really disappointed with the event T-shirt this year.  I know its not all about the shirt but I loved lasts years design and fabric which has become one of my favourite training shirts.  I thought it was going to be the same type of shirt but different colour.  Anyway, all is not lost, I have a very happy 10 year old who has scored it 😀


Comments on: "optimistic" (7)

  1. I think that’s what I need – direction.

  2. There is one good thing to be said about last year’s RFTK shirt – it’s so bright, people have to shade their eyes as I go past, cunningly deflecting attention from my unsightly excuse for a pair of legs.

  3. This years R4TK t-shirt says it is FitDry on the label, but just looks like normal t-shirt material – haven’t worn it yet – will reserve judgement until then.

  4. Oh, not fair, everyone else has got theirs but I still haven’t got mine…..taps foot impatiently!

    Now are you interested in me and Michelle running with you on R4K race day?

  5. I don’t believe for one minute you have unsightly legs JH 😆

  6. good work on going to the SS when your legs were protesting

  7. Phew, as I have said a few times today, I am catching up on blogs, you have been all go go go, great to see. I started taking Fit for 5 groups for Sporting Spirit last week, I supervise 2 sessions a week, except I take the tan group. It is great to train with a group, I bet you will get heaps out of it, well done!

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