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damn this running


Aaaaaghhh, missed running group on Wednesday because I had no one to look after kids…….. how annoying is that!!!  I was not impressed at all but these things happen 😦   I must admit that my hip was a little tender so maybe a speed session wouldn’t have been a great idea but still I was annoyed.

Last night it was the Carlton training session against the Bulldogs and we set of to Princes Park.  My troops were going to go to match and I was going to go for a run.  Initially the plan was that I would go in for a while and watch and then set off.  It was so busy when we got there and parking was bedlam so the troops jumped out while I continued on th find apark.  I did find one along Princes Park Drive (cemetary side) and I then started my 5km run.  It was hot but the shady bits were good with a very slight breeze.  At about the 4.5km mark I had a drink and changed my mind and decided to up it to a 6km run but I got this really sharp pain in the achilles area of left foot and through the heal, omg it hurt!!!  So I walked a bit and it seemed to settle so I set off and thought it might be best not to do the 6km.  I finished at 5.4km.  Did some stretching and then when I went to walk off to footy ground, the pain stopped me in my tracks again!  Bugger whats going on??  Decided to walk to car instead which was about another km away and it was a slow walk.  Eventually caught up with troops and headed home.  I iced area when I got home and the pesky hip and also popped a couple of Nurofens 🙄    This morning it is still a little sore but I can weight bear and walk.  My plan today is to ice as much as possible and continue with Nurofens.  I have a planned 10km run tomorrow which I do intend on still doing, call me foolhardy but if I don’t do it tomorrow, I will not get another chance until next week-end and I wanted to do 12 km run then.  I am going to meet RJ tomorrow and we are dragging the families along for Moomba.  We figure they can entertain themselves while we run and then maybe have a bacon and eggs barbie if we are organised enough or head off to a cafe and have someone else cook for us.  I think the later option will be the one we end up doing 😉


Comments on: "damn this running" (6)

  1. I never knew that street was called Princes Park Drive – your blog is so educational 😀

    The pain doesn’t sound good.

  2. That is a strange pain- have you tried googling it?? Only joking- every time I do that I think I have something incurable. You are very inventive when it comes to arranging your running around the family- good work.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain Lee. The running group sounds great.

    Kathryn and I are going running at Princes Park on Monday morning. Not sure of the time yet, as I want to see how hot it is tomorrow. Living in Canberra has changed my view of what’s hot.

    I’m taking my nephew, Andrew, with me. He’s a mad Carlton fan, so he’s going to be very excited.

  4. That pain doesn’t sound good … don’t push it tomorrow if it still there will you!

  5. agree with andrew- take it easy.. icing is the way to go!

  6. Yesterday I had stabbing pains from my right a##e-cheek downwards. It could have had something to do with running 25km fast-ish then driving for 3 hours non-stop.

    Bloody driving.

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