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phew, all is well


Happy to report that my achilles is fine.  Although slightly tender it was fine running yesterday and today there is no problem in sight 😀   I have a sneaky feeling I haven’t been lacing up my laces tight enough and made sure I did yesterday. 

Met up with RJ at the Tan just after 9am and the morning was cool and fresh.  We abolished our plans to have a family morning at Moomba and ended up with all of us getting together in the afternoon at our place instead.  Sometimes organising all the troops is just way too much trouble!  After comparing ailments, niggles and tiredness 🙄   ,not the families, ours 😉  we decided we would play our run by ear.  We ended up doing 8km’s with a couple of walk breaks and stretches.  RJ’s hips were giving her grief and my legs were feeling a bit heavy, probably from Fridays run.  We were like a couple of geriatric’s!!   Although I didn’t do the 10km as hoped I am still happy with that effort as I know I can run 10kms.  I have come to accept that when I do Run 4 Kids it will probably be a walk, run, roll, crawl effort but as long as I finish I guess.  I am disappointed that I am not where I wanted to be at this point with my training and when R4K is out of the way, I am going to concentrate on getting to the bottom of my pesky hip problem.  It has not been fully resolved and along with physio, I think I may have to go back to Podiatrist to get my orthotics reviewed.  I plan to then build a solid running base with the goal of working towards doing the 1/2 at the Melbourne Marathon.     

When I got home, I sat in a cold bath, no ice as I didn’t have any and then I put the skins on for a couple of hours.  Wasn’t long afterward when RJ and family rocked up and we had ourselves a very pleasant relaxing afternoon/evening eating and drinking ourselves into oblivion 😳   All our good work undone……. aahhh well, you only live once!

Today I feel good but wishing run group was tomorrow night instead of tonight so I could rest the legs one more day.  I will be ok though as it is only a technique and strength session so I will survive.  I am toying with the idea of trying to run 12km’s on the week-end but not sure if that is a bit ridiculous.  My good sense is saying do a 10km but psycologically want to the 12km.  Stoopid mind games! 

Now I am off to clean up as the house looks as though a bomb has hit it  😆

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  1. I feel the same about R4tK – I know I can do the distance but am so far from where I want to be with my training. But then again, I’m injury-free (knock wood) so that’s the main thing 😀

  2. very glad to hear about the achilles- they can DRAG on and on(take my word for it!!) i reckon do the 10kms next weekend.. if you can run 10-you can run 14 i reckon… it would be worse if you ran 12 and ended up making your injury worse

  3. R4TK is just an event to do for the event itself, don’t worry about how you complete it, or how long it takes. Just Do It!

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