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I have been out there running in this damn heat and I truly think I must be mad 😆 Have to say though, I am feeling really happy with my effort!  Last week did my SS sessions, one tready run, also managed to fit in Pilates and finished the week with a 10km run on Sunday 🙂   

10km Run:  It was a bit of a slog in the last km because it was just so damn hot!  I ran with RJ and we took a different path than we normally do which was really refreshing.  We crossed over at Morrell Bridge and then headed right.  We ended up running along the Yarra for over 3km then turned around back to the Morrell Bridge continued up Anderson Street and finished the lap of the Tan.  I think my new shoes, which I bought from Running Warehouse have helped with some of my niggles.  When I actually look at my old pair, they are in a shocking state 😳  I am seriously thinking of ordering another pair or two!  While running we made sure to stop for drinks at the bubblers and I even wet my entire face and hat as well.  Wetting the hat was great idea……. it got me thinking about the suggestion on the ausrun forum about putting a lettuce in your hat 😆  

That run has done a lot for my confidence and I am now trying to work out how far to go this Sunday, the last long run before Run 4 Kids.  Still wishing I had a couple of 12kms under my wing, hence the title of post but never mind, I am where I am.  So, should I repeat the 10km, move up to 11kms or try and do 12kms??  JoJo??  What do you think?  I think if the heat wasn’t a factor I could have gone further and I am kind of banking on Run 4 Kids to be a really cool day so that it won’t be quite a slog at the end.  Not really sure if increasing will do much at this stage so any suggestions appreciated.  


After “coming out” on the ausrun forums about Carlton being my 2nd team, what happens, Fev goes and pee’s on the Candy Bar’s window, not to mention further shenanigan’s 😯   Honestly these AFL foot-ballers 🙄


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  1. I’ve not managed to do over 10 kms either. I reckon if you can run 10 kms in the heat then 14 kms in mild conditions isn’t going to be much harder. That’s my theory.

    As to Carlton — just look what happens when you bring Chris Judd into a team, he brings everybody down!

  2. 😆 Kathryn, don’t say that, Chris Judd is my hero, as she flutters eyelashes!

  3. I don’t hold you morally responsible for the team you support- but I wonder which one is the nerdy team where everyone goes home and doesn’t grope women, pee in public, fight with stranger or their partners?

  4. Glad to hear the running is going better, no doubt that some new decent shoes will make a big difference. Well worth getting another pair to rotate.

  5. i reckon stick with the 10km! if youve done that you can manage the 14km..the last thing you would want is to injure yourself… if you feel particularly good then do 11 or if you feel you need the ‘mental’ from a 12 then do that.. i would play it by ear and see what feels best… confidence is a wonderful thing and a great 10km run is better than a zapping 12km run?? just my 2 cents worth..which means when rounding down that it is worth..ummm zero

  6. Good on you for running in that heat! It’s so much cooler today in Canberra that it’s freezing – nice day for a run really! Hope you get a cool day for your last long run before R4TK.

  7. My word, you’re asking Jojo for running advice now???? Crikey.

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