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sore knee

Went to run group last night and it was fantastic!  We did hill repeats, strides, strength stuff as in push-ups, dips and lunges etc.  I went home feeling as though I had put in a good session but a little embarrassed about my upper strength, I so suck at push-ups 😳

Today is a different story as when I woke up, I was unable to weight bear on my right leg because of something going on in my knee.  I don’t know what I have done as it was perfectly fine last night??  As the day has progressed, I can now weight bear but my gait is definetly not normal.  I have managed to get ice on it once today and tonight I will apply some more and elevate leg.  Not very happy about this as I really wanted to do the speed session tomorrow and I am not sure what to do.  There are only three weeks left of my Sporting Spirit sessions and I have loved it!  Haven’t always been able to get there which has been a total pain in the butt!  I would love to sign up for more sessions and continue on with it but I don’t think I will as I hate it when I can’t get there.  The best time for me to exercise is when pesky 4 year old is at kinder.  If only they had 9.30am groups then I would be laughing.

Although I am still starving from my WW point counting, I feel as though I am getting into the swing.  I have still gone over a few points here and there but I know I will eventually get there and make better choices.  Thanks for the link Em, that site looks good.  I have made a pumpkin risotto today and it looks really yummy, just have to watch my portion sizes as dinner time is my worst time 🙄    Andrew and JoJo, you are way too kind but thank-you for your nice comments 😀


Comments on: "sore knee" (3)

  1. Oh no, hope the knee isn’t too bad. I always try a bit of self massage when my knee starts hurting, as it’s nearly always related to my ITB.

    Icing is always a good thing 🙂

  2. Kathryn said:

    Hope the knee comes right. I love big portions too, so try to fill them out with vegies 😀

  3. my knee was a bit sore today too…so im resting it… ummm i think wine is good for it…lol

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