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mojo gone awol

Hhhmmpphhh!  I thought I better post as it has been a while and thanks for asking Andrew, everything is fine apart from the old mojo going awol! 

Its been a month since R4K’s and I think I have been out about three times for a run since then 😳   I entered myself into the Mothers Day Classic to get myself motivated but so far it doesn’t seem to be working!  There are 11 days left so if I want to run the entire 8km, I guess I should get myself out there somehow.  I have been finding it really hard to slot the time in around all my 4 year olds bits and pieces.  I am still having to stay for all kinder sessions and have to say, I am a little over it.  All I can think of is what I could be doing instead of playing dress ups, doing puzzles, reading stories, playing hide and seek etc, I think the kinder should put me their pay-roll 😆 When we are not at kinder we are doing Speech Therapy sessions and soon we will be adding Occupational Therapy.  My big plan was to use the kinder session times as my exercise time guilt free but I can’t seem to fit it in anywhere else at the moment.  I know this is not forever but I can’t help but find it a little frustrating.

Now on a positive note, I started using a different Weight Watchers method which they have added to the program and in the first week I lost 1.4kg, woo hoo!!  Was extremely happy with that and I find it so much better than counting points.  My diet has been so much better and the biggest bonus is, I am definitely not hungry!

I have had my sister staying with me for the last 5 days and it was really great to have her here.  When I went home in August last year for Dad’s funeral it was such a short sad trip that we both felt we needed some time together.  She is the only person in the world who I can have a real good laugh with at the most ridiculous things, and I mean rolling around with tears streaming down out faces.  Although I had the kids home for her stay, we also somehow managed to cram in quite a bit of retail therapy and we were both really happy with our purchases, although the kids weren’t!  Its the first time in ages I have been to the shops and bought clothes and shoes for everyday wear and not running gear!  I had actually planned to utilise her while she was here to get out and run but I just couldn’t be stuffed, and have to say the weather is also turning me off a bit, it is so cold!

So feeling a little down in the dumps today as she flew home to Perth and now its back to reality.  I have to somehow get out and run!


Comments on: "mojo gone awol" (4)

  1. Glad you are back Lee! Nice work on the weight loss- is it the non-point plan they have? Can’t believe you don’t like dress ups!

  2. Glad to hear everything is okay .. I was worried!

    The mojo will return so don’t fret. It sounds like you have your hands full, that’s for sure.

  3. Hello stranger 🙂

    Good work on the weight loss. As Andrew said, your mojo will come back. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer.

    Hopefully will catch up with you at Mothers Day run.

  4. i might have to have a little look at the no count thingy… 1.4kgs-that is fantastic

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