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mothers day classic 8km

Up at the crack of dawn and one thing I was aware of, I wasn’t really in the mood for running!  It was so warm and snug in bed and it was the first time ever that I struggled to get my butt up and moving for an event.  Eventually got myself organised and headed off.  I decided to park in the Sofitel Hotel parking and I just knew I wasn’t on the planet when I tried to pay on arrival 😆   It was coming up $0 owed and I stood there looking perplexed for a moment or two before a parking attendent told me to pay when you leave, pmsl!  Anyway, met up with RJ and we headed down to where the action was.  I think I managed to roll of about twenty complaints, right down to the fact that my undies didn’t feel right.  Lucky for me, RJ was feeling a little the same so I didn’t come of sounding like the biggest whinging loser as she was giving me a run for my money 😆   It wasn’t long before we were heading down towards start line, still trying to convince ourselves that we would be right once we started. 

As much as it was a bit of a crappy run for me, I really enjoyed the course.  I lost RJ somewhere along the way, I think around the 5km mark and I was convinced she was ahead of me.  I spotted someone ahead that looked like RJ and I was trying to catch her up but just couldn’t do it.  I felt like I was running out of steam towards the end and my legs felt like lead.  Not sure really what was going on but there was a lot of negative self talk going on and I was desperately trying to turn it around!  It was such a relief to see the final 200m mark and as much as I could see I was going to do a sub 50mins, I couldn’t do that last sprint.  When I checked my Garmin afterwards, I crossed the finish line at 49:32 which means I knocked off 3mins of my best 8km time 😯   I am pretty rapt with that result thats for sure 😀   I looked around for RJ and couldn’t see her anywhere.  I didn’t think I was going to find her in the crowd and decided to to head back to our meeting place at the Arts Centre in hope that maybe she was waiting there for me.  I was just about to head off and I saw her coming out of finish area, she was actually behind me!

After we collected our very impressive showbag and medal, we headed to Southbank for a very scrumptious breakfast.  I might add here we continued our whinging conversation about what crappy runners we are and how on earth are we ever going to do a half marathon!!       



9th May, best title I could come up with…


As scheduled, I ran my three 5km runs this week, unfortunately they were all street runs.  I honestly find suburban street runs a tad boring and absolutely love it when I can get down to the Tan or Princes Park.  I am so looking forward to running my 8km’s at the Mothers Day Classic on Sunday, I can barely wait!


Things have settled slightly on the Kinder front with me leaving the pesky 4 year old after about 1/2 hour after it starts.  He is certainly not happy but does settle………. eventually 🙄   I have been picking him up earlier than finishing time and he always looks ok when I front up.  Wednesday he had everyone in hysterics as he was belting out a Kiss song with guitar in tow, he does the Gene Symmons tongue thing and all 😳   Oh well, as long as he is happy!

So the plan for me now is to resume my Pilates program that I had to abandon due to Kinder duties and I am also going to try and get to the gym at least once a week to start my weights up again.  As soon as I get the MDC out of the way, I am going to start my 1/2 Marathon program in preparation for The Melbourne Marathon in October.

I will be going home in August as my sister has decided to become an honest woman and get married 😯   It has been a bit of a bone of contention as the first date that was set was going to be on my Dads 1st anniversary of his death.  My other sister (the one that was just here visiting) and myself were not happy at all about this I can tell you.  Anyway, to cut a long story short the date was changed and is now set for the week after, still not happy but what can you do!  I honestly thought my next trip home would be to scatter my Dad’s ashes, not attend a wedding.  I am really hoping we can plan to do Dad’s ashes as well because I really don’t know when I will be able to get back there and I really want to have some closure on the whole thing if that is at all possible 😦    

I gained 200gm this week but I am back on the wagon again.  I found it a little hard to get back into the swing once my sister left to go back to Perth.  I am telling you though, I am going to get this bloody last 4kgs of if its the last thing I do 😆

tready run

Got up this morning and decided I was running no matter what.  Put the running gear on and waited for hubby to get home so he could look after 4 year old, we wagged kinder today 😳   He stepped in and I stepped out, and even though it was sunny, I just couldn’t get my head around running the streets.  I decided because of time frame I would go to the gym and run on the tready.  Today I realised that I miss going to the gym and I am going to try and get there a bit more, no idea how but I am going to try.

I ran 5km and loved every minute of it.  The second song that came on my ipod was La Grange and I love running to that 😀   The whole run was great and it was good to listen to my music.  My running time is the only real time I get to listen to it.  I do in the car but its not quite the same as when you are exercising.  The other bonus today was I was able to get an appointment with the Beauty Therapist at the gym and get my bikini line waxed 🙂

My plan is to try and run every second day leading up to the Mothers Day Classic.  I am doing a refresher pathology course at Monash Uni over the week-end but it finishes early enough on the Sunday to hopefully slot it in at the end.  I might take my running gear and do it over in that neck of the woods so that it is done and out the way before I get home to the troops 🙄

Weighed in yesterday and I lost 200gm while sister was visiting, very happy with that as I was a bit nervous I had undone some of my good work from the previous week.  So a total loss of 1.6kg in the last 2 weeks 😀

West Coast Eagles are playing Carlton tonight and I am not sure who to go for, my first team or my second 😉

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