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tready run

Got up this morning and decided I was running no matter what.  Put the running gear on and waited for hubby to get home so he could look after 4 year old, we wagged kinder today 😳   He stepped in and I stepped out, and even though it was sunny, I just couldn’t get my head around running the streets.  I decided because of time frame I would go to the gym and run on the tready.  Today I realised that I miss going to the gym and I am going to try and get there a bit more, no idea how but I am going to try.

I ran 5km and loved every minute of it.  The second song that came on my ipod was La Grange and I love running to that 😀   The whole run was great and it was good to listen to my music.  My running time is the only real time I get to listen to it.  I do in the car but its not quite the same as when you are exercising.  The other bonus today was I was able to get an appointment with the Beauty Therapist at the gym and get my bikini line waxed 🙂

My plan is to try and run every second day leading up to the Mothers Day Classic.  I am doing a refresher pathology course at Monash Uni over the week-end but it finishes early enough on the Sunday to hopefully slot it in at the end.  I might take my running gear and do it over in that neck of the woods so that it is done and out the way before I get home to the troops 🙄

Weighed in yesterday and I lost 200gm while sister was visiting, very happy with that as I was a bit nervous I had undone some of my good work from the previous week.  So a total loss of 1.6kg in the last 2 weeks 😀

West Coast Eagles are playing Carlton tonight and I am not sure who to go for, my first team or my second 😉


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  1. Funny, I was thinking about ZZtop the other day because my company has a facility at a place in the US called LeGrange. Congrats on the weight loss. We want Fev to kick * or more goals tonight because Chris has placed a bet on this and will win $135 if he does, so barrack for the Blues please 🙂

  2. Good luck with the 8 km Lee. I’m sure you’ll get the whole way around. I got a reprieve as my nephew decided he wanted to spend the day with his Mum and Dad (it’s my bro’s b’day as well). That means I can go for the 5 km option in Canberra instead. I’m so slack with my running lately!

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