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Up at the crack of dawn and one thing I was aware of, I wasn’t really in the mood for running!  It was so warm and snug in bed and it was the first time ever that I struggled to get my butt up and moving for an event.  Eventually got myself organised and headed off.  I decided to park in the Sofitel Hotel parking and I just knew I wasn’t on the planet when I tried to pay on arrival 😆   It was coming up $0 owed and I stood there looking perplexed for a moment or two before a parking attendent told me to pay when you leave, pmsl!  Anyway, met up with RJ and we headed down to where the action was.  I think I managed to roll of about twenty complaints, right down to the fact that my undies didn’t feel right.  Lucky for me, RJ was feeling a little the same so I didn’t come of sounding like the biggest whinging loser as she was giving me a run for my money 😆   It wasn’t long before we were heading down towards start line, still trying to convince ourselves that we would be right once we started. 

As much as it was a bit of a crappy run for me, I really enjoyed the course.  I lost RJ somewhere along the way, I think around the 5km mark and I was convinced she was ahead of me.  I spotted someone ahead that looked like RJ and I was trying to catch her up but just couldn’t do it.  I felt like I was running out of steam towards the end and my legs felt like lead.  Not sure really what was going on but there was a lot of negative self talk going on and I was desperately trying to turn it around!  It was such a relief to see the final 200m mark and as much as I could see I was going to do a sub 50mins, I couldn’t do that last sprint.  When I checked my Garmin afterwards, I crossed the finish line at 49:32 which means I knocked off 3mins of my best 8km time 😯   I am pretty rapt with that result thats for sure 😀   I looked around for RJ and couldn’t see her anywhere.  I didn’t think I was going to find her in the crowd and decided to to head back to our meeting place at the Arts Centre in hope that maybe she was waiting there for me.  I was just about to head off and I saw her coming out of finish area, she was actually behind me!

After we collected our very impressive showbag and medal, we headed to Southbank for a very scrumptious breakfast.  I might add here we continued our whinging conversation about what crappy runners we are and how on earth are we ever going to do a half marathon!!       



Comments on: "mothers day classic 8km" (7)

  1. Kathryn said:

    At least you made it to the run… that’s the main thing. Nothing worse than running in the wrong undies.

  2. morseyruns said:

    Maybe no undies next time?? Nice PB- maybe you should chase phantom RJs more often.

  3. Yeah, I was going to suggest commando too but Sara beat me to it. You can’t run a 3 min PB and whinge about being a crap runner on the same day – that doesn’t make sense.

  4. im with andrew…you get a 3 min pb…so you were an awesome runner on sunday… bask in the glory honey
    ,,its not about comparing yourself to others.. compare yourself to the only one who matters… you 🙂

  5. Congratulations on getting there – and on your PB. Well done.

  6. how are you going to do a half marathon? The same as you did this one, just twice (and a bit).


  7. Everything ok? Haven’t heard from you for a while!

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