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Since the Mothers Day Classic I have been putting all my energy into treating my hip bursitis.  I have been using the reformers at the Physio twice a week and over the last 10 days have been also doing home exercises everyday specifically for the hip.  I have still been able to run but keeping the distances short, 5 – 6.5kms three times a week.  I have to say I am loving my running at the moment 😀   I can honestly say, my hip feels so much better in taking these steps and I feel like such a doofus as I should have done this a very long time ago!!  I couldn’t make an appointment for a review with the original physio I saw as she only works evenings now, so, I had to swap to another physio.  I read the profiles on each physio and picked one who is a long distance runner.  When I was reading about her on the Alphington Sports Medicine website, I was thinking her name rang a bell and I have since found out it is the Karen Natoli, the womens winner of the 2006 half marathon at MM  😯   Very excited about this appointment!

 I have also made an appointment with the Pod on Monday to get my orthotics reviewed as it has been over a year since I have had them.  It is my intention to to run my first half at the Melbourne Marathon in October so I want to get on top of absolutely everything.

I did enter the 10km Run Melbourne but I am going to check with physio to make sure it’s ok to do.  My instructions were to only do shorter runs but my hip is feeling so much better so I am hoping I can do the 10km.  If I have to, I will downgrade to 5km.


Life on the home front has been really busy which is why I haven’t really been blogging much.  I tried a couple of times to do a quick “the week that was” but before I knew it, I was half way into the next week.  In the end I just decided to take the pressure off and not blog so much.  I have mainly been reading and posting a little on the Ausrun and Coolrunning forums to keep my finger in the pie and for a bit of a laugh, Coolrunning has supplied a few laughs I must say 😆        

So all is well in my world apart from my chaotic home life but my running world is certainly making up for that, can’t wait to start increasing distance again 😀

P.S  As you can see I have changed my template again, I think I am having a mid-life crisis, pms!!  I think this one is here to stay, if I do get bored with it, I can change the colours 😉


Comments on: "half marathon, here I come" (6)

  1. Good to see you posting again! And good to see you still have that Half Mara in your sights!

    Template is nice – clean and simple!

  2. Wow, you remind me of someone who used to post here all the time……oh, Lee, it is you- I nearly didn’t recognise you after all this time 😉 Love the new template and good luck with the half preparation.

  3. I keep an eye out for new posts on your blog via your rss feed. Last time I came here it was all black, as I recall.

  4. Love the new colour scheme. Pink and purple are my favourite colours 🙂

    Way to go with doing the half. I know you can do it. Sounds like your running is definitely coming along nicely.

  5. i reckon the new colours are awesome!!!! heeeeeeeaaaaappppsssss better 🙂
    5 or 10 next week.. itll be fun

  6. That is very cool, always helps to see someone who appreciates what it is like to be a runner.

    CR is definitely always good for a laugh, especially all those funny men who get so caught up about race distances and the like 🙄

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