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getting sorted

Well its been a busy week again but with most of it being all about me 😳  I cancelled my pod appointment and decided to have a massage done instead as my calves have been really screaming out to me.  I couldn’t get in at the sports clinic at the drop of a hat so I booked in somewhere else.  Oh my fecking god!!  Did it hurt or what???!!  Now I know what you have all been talking about 😆   It did really hurt but sort of in a good way 😯 I had lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves massaged.  I also had some cupping done on my calves and that was a joyful experience not, especially when she was dragging it around to other areas.  I was trying not to think about the fact that there was probably about 12 inches of skin sucked into the cup and I actually had to deep breathe……. something I haven’t done since childbirth!

I also had my physio appointment and I know I am definitely going to get sorted out, hooray!!  She basically said that I do my entire running on my left leg and the right leg just goes along for the free ride, in fact she said alot of things that are going on with me but I came out feeling so optimistic.  I have been checking out my butt in the mirror as she said I have a great left glute muscle but absolutely nothing in the right due to my imbalances 😳   I hope you can’t notice that!  She has given me heaps of self massages to do on my hotspots with a foam roller and also a spiky ball, and some adductor strengthening exercises to do with a weight around my ankle.  I have to continue with Pilates once a week and do all the other exercises that I have been doing a home.  The best news is I can get right back into my running, woo hoo!!  Now which training program for the half 😆  

I have only done one session of Pilates and one 6km run this week, I was going to run today but have to say my lower back is feeling a bit tender.  I am doing the 10km Run Melbourne on Sunday so I will just do heaps of stretching between now and then.  I plan to just run leisurely and enjoy the sights.

I couldn’t help myself but I have bought some more running gear 😳  I bought another pair of Brooks Glycerin’s and some Body Glide from Running Warehouse which arrived yesterday, and today I bought some long skins.  Running gear makes me happy 😀  


Comments on: "getting sorted" (4)

  1. Running gear make me happy too ! I have noticed that my quad is much bigger one side than the other – so maybe I’m not properly balanced either !

    Sounds like the Half is a goer !

  2. Good luck with the half training (mutters jealously)- glad you can get straight into it.

  3. And in answer to your question about powerade- they sent it to me for free to try out after reading my blog- how funny is that!

  4. they reckon you can be a bit sluggish the day after a massage..a bit like youve done a long run

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