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Olympic Dream 10km


I entered this event on Thursday as I needed to run long today and I knew the only way I would get out there was if I was doing a Fun Run.  The cold weather is playing havoc with me at the moment 😳  I have never done the Olympic Dream before and I really liked the undulating course.  I got there way to early for the 9.30am start and because it was so freezing cold, I went back to the car park and sat in my car for  another 30 minutes 😆

Met up with a few Coolrunners and it wasn’t long before we started, thankfully it wasn’t raining.  I was treating this as a training run so my goal was to try and not get caught up in the racing hype.  I had to have two stretches, one at the 5km mark and one at the 6.5km mark.  My legs felt like planks today but after the 2nd stretch seemed to come right.  Its funny even though I was warmed up my legs still felt cold.  I finished my run in just over 64minutes, a little faster than what I would liked but at least I did it.  We had seen RJ and family the night before and it was a bit of a late night, Thai food and champagne.  Its always such a fantastic feeling when you are in two minds about going out for a run and then you do it 😀

During the week I did two 5km runs and one of those was a speed session, 400m x5 with 90 sec walk recovery.  I also did my stretches, exercises and went to the gym for a x-training session.  Since I had my orthotics adjusted my scitaica has reappeared so I have an appointment tomorrow with Pod to sort that out.


Well, the bridesmaid dress has been sorted out after lots of mishaps along the way.  The first dressmaker I eventually found was a smoker as the house had a nice smell of stale smoke and there was an ash tray full of cigarette butts next to the sewing machine 😯  I was so thankful to my hairdresser who gave me the number of another dressmaker who was able to to it for me at such short notice.  So I go and get measured and she discovers that I have the wrong size pattern and not enough fabric.  So I trapse the country side to get more material and the right size pattern.  Track down the pattern but I couldn’t find the same colour material anywhere.  So a desperate phone call to my sister in Perth who is in the same boat as me and it is soon organised to get more material.  Anyway, it is sent to me and it fecking doesn’t match, aagghhhhh!!!!!!!  So now, a complete change of plan and ready made dresses have been bought.  We sent our measurements  to my sister in Perth and she went to the dress shop and bought them all.  They were picked out by the bride from the internet.  Honestly, I cannot wait for this wedding to be over and done with, my life is stessful enough without these shananigans going on 🙄


no challenge stars for me this week

12 week star team challenge

As the title states, no stars this week for me as I bombed out in the fruit and veg department, and I didn’t lose any weight 🙄  I  only missed out by a couple of serves so I was happy with my effort but my not losing anything, well thats a whole different ball game.  I managed to put on 900gms 😳  I suck at losing weight and I think I may just have to accept that I am to remain a fatty boombah!  That said, I have started this weeks personal challenge of tracking all food!


Started my 12 week tweaked program in lead up to Melbourne Marathon today.  Thanks Jo for checking with your super coach, very much appreciated 😀   I have decided to run for 60-70mins on Sunday, that was the last distance that I did before everything went haywire.  So today was a stretch/strength day.  I did try to book into Pilates but the sessions were booked out.  So, instead I have done all my physio exercises, stretched and I went for a 2km walk today around my local lake.  I pulled up a bit sore today from yesterdays run so thats why I threw in the walk.  Have to say it is pretty darn boring walking and I wanted to run 😆   I am thinking about doing a few weights tonight sometime but I have a sneaky feeling the only thing that will now get a work out, is my right arm as it feeds the licorice bullets into my mouth.  I love licorice bullets 😆

Tomorrow I intend to do a 5-5.5km run, might be a bit dicey as I have to take my pesky 4 year old to Royal Childrens for an appointment and he also has a speech appointment.  I will try and squeeze it in somewhere, maybe along the corridors of the RCH!

Sri Chinmoy 5km


I set the alarm for 6am this morning and when it went off, I got up, looked outside and it was raining.  Now, because I had lost my mojo, I went back to bed, there was no way I was running in the cold and the rain.  15 minutes later I was up again checking, still raining so went back to bed.  My self talk was saying, get up and into shower, just because it is raining now doesn’t mean it will be raining at 8am when the event starts.  I was also saying to myself, if you don’t run, you will beat yourself up all day and its going to be harder to run during week by yourself.  Don’t you just love self-talk? 

So that was it, I was up, showered, dressed, had breakfast and out the door at 7:15am.  It was barely sprinkling 🙂  I had to register on arrival and then by the time I queued in the toilet line, I only had a few minutes before race started.  I put my music in my ears and the first song to come on was Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner, was very happy to listen to that at start.  My plan was to run easy and listen to the bod as I had know idea how I was going to go after not running for so long.  The plan was to run at a 7min/km pace.  I crossed the line in just over 30 minutes and it was a great run!!  Loved the course.  I run down at Princes Park quite a bit and I wondered how they were going to make it a 5km course.  I will definitely do that on my training runs.

It was great to catch up with Jo, Andrew and Sue (Hobbles), and I also got to meet new ausrunners, rugers and sassycil.  Congrats to Jo and Andrew on their blings that they won, fantastic stuff!!  Sorry I missed Jaykay, Michelle and Tigerboy who were doing a leisurely 30km 😯

 I think it is safe to say that my mojo is back 😀 Now, I just have to figure out how long to run next Sunday as I should have been up to 1hour and 30minutes 🙄

its all too much at the moment


Ok, I have just come here to have a whinge so if you don’t want to be dragged down with this little black duck, don’t read!!

I have lost my fecking mojo!  16 days since last run.  Yesterday was the first day I felt as though I could have gone out and maybe done a short run or at least a walk but I can’t bring myself to get into gear and go out into the cold.  I have had my 10 year old home sick all week and my 4 year old is sick this morning.  I have a fecking half marathon to train for and I feel like I am going to run out of time, shiittttttttt!!!  I was up to 12kms a couple of weeks ago and now I feel as though I will have to scale right back again, shiitttttttt!!!!  I may also lose 10 days of training in August due to going home to Perth as I am not sure if hubby is coming along at this stage.  If he doesn’t come with us, I won’t be able to run that I know 😦  

The other thing that is really stressing me out at the moment is my sisters wedding, the one that I really don’t want any part of.  I know that sounds really mean and disgusting but I just can’t get over the fact that she started planning this not long after Dad’s death and has set the date for a week after his 1st anniversary, initially it was the date of his death.  Honestly, who does that!   It just makes me want to cry and to be honest, I am angry as hell at her, I don’t care what her reasons were for picking that date!  I am suppose to be getting a dress made as I am in the bridal party with my other sister, and because I have had my head in the sand hoping it would all go away, I now can’t find a dressmaker to make the dress.  Shit!!  We leave for Perth on the 15th August, so yes I have left it late!

I can’t actually believe it has almost been a year since my Dad died.  It feels like it was yesterday 😦



Why is it when you get on a real good roll, something comes along and stuffs it up??  I was so motivated, on track and feeling great and then I get sick!  I haven’t ran since the 2nd July and now I feel as though I am down in the dumps and I am not even sure if I am still up for a run.  I did do stretches/exercise yesteday so thats a start I guess.  There are 13 weeks till MM and I have tweaked my program starting again this week, now I just have to run!  I have entered though and I can think about nothing but this half marathon 😆

star team challenge

This week the personal challenge is to have 3 pieces of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables a day for 6 days of the week…….. thats alot of vegies!  I did it yesterday by including a serve that was in my soup.  Eatingwise I didn’t do to badly until last night when I had three premium chocolate chip biscuits with a cup of tea 😳   Why can’t I not have any junk for at least one day???

12 week star team challenge

I have joined a 12 week on-line Weight Watchers challenge with the goal of losing my damn pesky 5kg in this time frame.  What sucked me into this one, as I have joined many and failed dismally, is you are rewarded with sparkly stars when you achieve something.  Each week there is a specific goal, for example, the 1st week is to drink 1.5 – 2L of water a day for at least 6 days of week.  If you meet the weekly goal you get the green award star.  Then there is the weight loss awards:  lose anything – Blue Star Award, lose 0.5 – 1kg – Red Star Award, lose over 1kg – Silver Star Award and finally, every 5kg lost on Star Team – The spanking Gold Star Award.     

   Green Star Award         Blue Star Award     Red Star Award         Silver Star Award  Gold Star Award

I only discovered this challenge mid-week so although I did weigh myself as usual on Monday, I am going to officially start properly on Monday 14th.  As I have been sick for over a week now, I thought it would be wise to just wait to start my WW core program again.  I have been drinking my water though but not for entire week so no star for me this week 😦


I was hoping to run this week-end but I am still not 100% so I am going to wait until next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  I really want to enter MM Half but will wait until I feel well enough to lap up the excitement 😀

I hate being sick

I have been sick 😦  

Started with the scratchy throat last Tuesday, day before I ran in the rain 😳 and by Friday although still no cold in sight, just felt unwell.  Had tickets for the matinee session of Circus Oz on Saturday and although I really felt like pulling the pin, I panadoled myself up and went along with the family.  Big mistake!!!  On arrival home I felt like total crap and my 4 year old was starting to look green around the gills.  He actually fell asleep on my lap for about an hour of the show, I don’t know how, as the live band was loud!  We went straight to bed when we got home and the next day we were both vomiting, and I had a head busting headache to add to the assault 😦   It was bloody awful!  Not feeling too bad now but the head cold is now coming which is what I thought I was getting in the first place.  This will teach me never to go into someone’s blog, JH, and state that I rarely get sick!!

So there has been no running for me but I have started getting back into my stretches, exercises and home pilates.  I am sporting a sore left calf at the moment as I overstretched and have pulled a muscle, hows that, a running injury with no running 😆  I am hoping to run by the week-end although I not sure what I should be doing as I have now missed runs from my program, including long run on the Sunday, grrrr!!

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