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Rat Run

I am going to have to work out some kind of schedule with my blogging as it seems to be getting done weekly!

Last week I stuck to my schedule of runs and Pilates, and on Sunday did part of the Rat Run with some Coolrunners.  RJ was originally working but I managed to talk her into giving up her shift and come with me to do it.  Then I realised I didn’t actually have anyone to look after my kid’s while I flitted off for the run 😳  RJ suggested we stay over her house on the Saturday night and her hubby would look after all the kids on the Sunday morning.  What a friend!!  

We got up at the crack of dawn 😯  , had breaky and headed down to the clock tower about 7:00 for the 7:15 start.  Introduced ourselves which is always funny when you only know people by there usernames, and it wasn’t long before we set off.  It was decided that we would run the trail in reverse due to the wind that was forecast.  Well, it didn’t take long for all the CR’s to be totally out of sight because we are such flipping slow coaches but we knew that was going to happen 😆  We had scheduled a 70 minute run at a pace of 7min/km.  I could have kicked myself because I forgot my Garmin and it would have been great to look at that run along the coast, ggrrr!  The funny thing is I remembered to take a change of ear rings as I knew the ones I had in were going to clash with my running top, now there’s your priorities!! 

It was a great run which we both really enjoyed.  Not sure how far we ran but we both felt that we had ran a little faster than planned.  We did however stick to the 70 mins.  There is going to be another one planned down the track sometime and we should be able to run entire track when it happens.  We all met up afterwards and headed to the local cafe for coffee and a chat which was really good.  I couldn’t stay that long because my family I had to be at my in-laws by 11:30am as they were off to Greece.  So collected the troops and then the hubby from home and off we went.  Spent the rest of the day waiting at airport for plane to take off, lucky buggers!


Went and saw the podiatrist at the sports clinic as I felt I should be getting my orthotics checked because I have had them for 18 months.  I have also been getting a few shin twinges and chaffing on insteps.  I was really happy with consultation apart from the fact that he told me I have shin splints and a mild case off Plantar Fascia  😆  Its not all bad though, he is adjusting my orthtics which he thinks may be contributing and I have more stretches, massages and exercises to do.  I can still run so thats really good!

Plan to run tomorrow and somehow get to Physio’s to do Pilates.  It school holidays so I have to play it by ear.  Happy running everyone 😀


Comments on: "Rat Run" (3)

  1. Sounds like such a great run, I really should try to get more interested in the running threads on coolrunning instead of the injury/waffle ones!

  2. Haven’t heard of the Rat Run – will have to look it up.

    Change of earings ? LOL

  3. Good to see you’ve got your priorities sorted 😀

    Michelle and I really enjoyed doing the last CR run around the Capital City Trail. They are a very friendly bunch of people, that’s for sure (just like us Ausrunners really 🙂 )

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