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running in the rain

I decided while waiting for the rain to stop, I would get on top of my chores which included two baskets of washing that needed to be folded.  I honestly don’t know where all the washing/folding comes from in this household but it always there waiting to be done, it drives me insane!!  Got everything done and there wasn’t a drop of rain in sight, so headed out.  I swear, no word of a lie, I turned the corner at the end of my block and it started to rain again, I couldn’t believe it!!  I knew I had to keep going because there was no way I was going to escape twice from the evil clutches of my family 😆   It was a fabulous run with no sign of any niggles from calves or shins, woo hoo!  The podiatrist had dropped my adjusted orthotics to me the night before so I really wanted to test them out and I was happy with them.  Lets hope it stays that way.  I ended up doing 40 mins and had a good stretch on front verandah once home with a few calf exercise thrown in.  I should probably do my push-ups after runs as I haven’t been doing them because quite honestly, I can barely remember everything I am suppose to be doing.  I was totally drenched when I had finished and couldn’t wait for a hot shower only to find that darling hubby had decided to have a shower while I was out and there was no flipping hot water left!!  How cheeky is that???   Pesky husband 🙄



Comments on: "running in the rain" (3)

  1. ooooh when you finish a run like that-you need a hot shower!!!!

  2. Running in the rain is heaven in the summer, but in these colder months it is still good, but quite so good!

  3. Kathryn said:

    I’d have killed him! Good on you for getting out in it, it’s much easier if the rain holds off until after you start running, isn’t it

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