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I hate being sick

I have been sick 😦  

Started with the scratchy throat last Tuesday, day before I ran in the rain 😳 and by Friday although still no cold in sight, just felt unwell.  Had tickets for the matinee session of Circus Oz on Saturday and although I really felt like pulling the pin, I panadoled myself up and went along with the family.  Big mistake!!!  On arrival home I felt like total crap and my 4 year old was starting to look green around the gills.  He actually fell asleep on my lap for about an hour of the show, I don’t know how, as the live band was loud!  We went straight to bed when we got home and the next day we were both vomiting, and I had a head busting headache to add to the assault 😦   It was bloody awful!  Not feeling too bad now but the head cold is now coming which is what I thought I was getting in the first place.  This will teach me never to go into someone’s blog, JH, and state that I rarely get sick!!

So there has been no running for me but I have started getting back into my stretches, exercises and home pilates.  I am sporting a sore left calf at the moment as I overstretched and have pulled a muscle, hows that, a running injury with no running 😆  I am hoping to run by the week-end although I not sure what I should be doing as I have now missed runs from my program, including long run on the Sunday, grrrr!!


Comments on: "I hate being sick" (2)

  1. bummer being sick.. did you foget to touch wood when you said you never get sick

  2. Sorry you’ve been sick, hope you get better soon and can get back out on the running track soon.

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