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I have joined a 12 week on-line Weight Watchers challenge with the goal of losing my damn pesky 5kg in this time frame.  What sucked me into this one, as I have joined many and failed dismally, is you are rewarded with sparkly stars when you achieve something.  Each week there is a specific goal, for example, the 1st week is to drink 1.5 – 2L of water a day for at least 6 days of week.  If you meet the weekly goal you get the green award star.  Then there is the weight loss awards:  lose anything – Blue Star Award, lose 0.5 – 1kg – Red Star Award, lose over 1kg – Silver Star Award and finally, every 5kg lost on Star Team – The spanking Gold Star Award.     

   Green Star Award         Blue Star Award     Red Star Award         Silver Star Award  Gold Star Award

I only discovered this challenge mid-week so although I did weigh myself as usual on Monday, I am going to officially start properly on Monday 14th.  As I have been sick for over a week now, I thought it would be wise to just wait to start my WW core program again.  I have been drinking my water though but not for entire week so no star for me this week 😦


I was hoping to run this week-end but I am still not 100% so I am going to wait until next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  I really want to enter MM Half but will wait until I feel well enough to lap up the excitement 😀


Comments on: "12 week star team challenge" (2)

  1. Hope you get back to 100% soon!

    I’m still deciding what to do on MM day, definitely not the Full Mara, can’t decide if I want to do the half or the 10k.

  2. hope you start feeling better soon

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