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Why is it when you get on a real good roll, something comes along and stuffs it up??  I was so motivated, on track and feeling great and then I get sick!  I haven’t ran since the 2nd July and now I feel as though I am down in the dumps and I am not even sure if I am still up for a run.  I did do stretches/exercise yesteday so thats a start I guess.  There are 13 weeks till MM and I have tweaked my program starting again this week, now I just have to run!  I have entered though and I can think about nothing but this half marathon 😆

star team challenge

This week the personal challenge is to have 3 pieces of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables a day for 6 days of the week…….. thats alot of vegies!  I did it yesterday by including a serve that was in my soup.  Eatingwise I didn’t do to badly until last night when I had three premium chocolate chip biscuits with a cup of tea 😳   Why can’t I not have any junk for at least one day???


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  1. Three biscuits is no biggie – I’d be damn proud of myself for stopping at three and not eating the whole pack 😀

    Thirteen weeks is heaps of time – and better to get the bugs out of your system now rather than have your training interrupted closer to the date.

  2. I’m with Kathryn on the biscuit thing. They don’t last long in our house 😳

  3. Three biscuits – no issue. And if they have the word premium in the title, they must be good for you.

  4. lol- if your eating better than usual, and only have 3 biscuits then you’re still doing better than you were previously arent you?? next time you may just stick to 2 biccies 🙂

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