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Sri Chinmoy 5km


I set the alarm for 6am this morning and when it went off, I got up, looked outside and it was raining.  Now, because I had lost my mojo, I went back to bed, there was no way I was running in the cold and the rain.  15 minutes later I was up again checking, still raining so went back to bed.  My self talk was saying, get up and into shower, just because it is raining now doesn’t mean it will be raining at 8am when the event starts.  I was also saying to myself, if you don’t run, you will beat yourself up all day and its going to be harder to run during week by yourself.  Don’t you just love self-talk? 

So that was it, I was up, showered, dressed, had breakfast and out the door at 7:15am.  It was barely sprinkling 🙂  I had to register on arrival and then by the time I queued in the toilet line, I only had a few minutes before race started.  I put my music in my ears and the first song to come on was Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner, was very happy to listen to that at start.  My plan was to run easy and listen to the bod as I had know idea how I was going to go after not running for so long.  The plan was to run at a 7min/km pace.  I crossed the line in just over 30 minutes and it was a great run!!  Loved the course.  I run down at Princes Park quite a bit and I wondered how they were going to make it a 5km course.  I will definitely do that on my training runs.

It was great to catch up with Jo, Andrew and Sue (Hobbles), and I also got to meet new ausrunners, rugers and sassycil.  Congrats to Jo and Andrew on their blings that they won, fantastic stuff!!  Sorry I missed Jaykay, Michelle and Tigerboy who were doing a leisurely 30km 😯

 I think it is safe to say that my mojo is back 😀 Now, I just have to figure out how long to run next Sunday as I should have been up to 1hour and 30minutes 🙄

Comments on: "Sri Chinmoy 5km" (4)

  1. Well done today! You and Sue are my hot tip to win the Ausrun handicap!

  2. morseyruns said:

    Great work- glad you found your mojo at Princes Park- that was probably where you left it!

  3. yay to mojo coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ummmmm with the long run..from whatever your last long run was in last month-i would suggest(via my running advisor(cos i asked him)..lol)do not increase by more than 15 mins!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Welcome back Mojo, well done

    Sorry I wasn’t there looked like a fun morning.

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