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12 week star team challenge

As the title states, no stars this week for me as I bombed out in the fruit and veg department, and I didn’t lose any weight 🙄  I  only missed out by a couple of serves so I was happy with my effort but my not losing anything, well thats a whole different ball game.  I managed to put on 900gms 😳  I suck at losing weight and I think I may just have to accept that I am to remain a fatty boombah!  That said, I have started this weeks personal challenge of tracking all food!


Started my 12 week tweaked program in lead up to Melbourne Marathon today.  Thanks Jo for checking with your super coach, very much appreciated 😀   I have decided to run for 60-70mins on Sunday, that was the last distance that I did before everything went haywire.  So today was a stretch/strength day.  I did try to book into Pilates but the sessions were booked out.  So, instead I have done all my physio exercises, stretched and I went for a 2km walk today around my local lake.  I pulled up a bit sore today from yesterdays run so thats why I threw in the walk.  Have to say it is pretty darn boring walking and I wanted to run 😆   I am thinking about doing a few weights tonight sometime but I have a sneaky feeling the only thing that will now get a work out, is my right arm as it feeds the licorice bullets into my mouth.  I love licorice bullets 😆

Tomorrow I intend to do a 5-5.5km run, might be a bit dicey as I have to take my pesky 4 year old to Royal Childrens for an appointment and he also has a speech appointment.  I will try and squeeze it in somewhere, maybe along the corridors of the RCH!


Comments on: "no challenge stars for me this week" (2)

  1. Kathryn said:

    Hope you get the run in. Don’t worry too much about the weight thing – I’m sure it’ll happen if you keep plugging away…

  2. also..with the weight thing..sometimes when you start eating healthy…it takes a while for your belly /metabolism to settle so you can sometimes look like you have falsely put on weight

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