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Olympic Dream 10km


I entered this event on Thursday as I needed to run long today and I knew the only way I would get out there was if I was doing a Fun Run.  The cold weather is playing havoc with me at the moment 😳  I have never done the Olympic Dream before and I really liked the undulating course.  I got there way to early for the 9.30am start and because it was so freezing cold, I went back to the car park and sat in my car for  another 30 minutes 😆

Met up with a few Coolrunners and it wasn’t long before we started, thankfully it wasn’t raining.  I was treating this as a training run so my goal was to try and not get caught up in the racing hype.  I had to have two stretches, one at the 5km mark and one at the 6.5km mark.  My legs felt like planks today but after the 2nd stretch seemed to come right.  Its funny even though I was warmed up my legs still felt cold.  I finished my run in just over 64minutes, a little faster than what I would liked but at least I did it.  We had seen RJ and family the night before and it was a bit of a late night, Thai food and champagne.  Its always such a fantastic feeling when you are in two minds about going out for a run and then you do it 😀

During the week I did two 5km runs and one of those was a speed session, 400m x5 with 90 sec walk recovery.  I also did my stretches, exercises and went to the gym for a x-training session.  Since I had my orthotics adjusted my scitaica has reappeared so I have an appointment tomorrow with Pod to sort that out.


Well, the bridesmaid dress has been sorted out after lots of mishaps along the way.  The first dressmaker I eventually found was a smoker as the house had a nice smell of stale smoke and there was an ash tray full of cigarette butts next to the sewing machine 😯  I was so thankful to my hairdresser who gave me the number of another dressmaker who was able to to it for me at such short notice.  So I go and get measured and she discovers that I have the wrong size pattern and not enough fabric.  So I trapse the country side to get more material and the right size pattern.  Track down the pattern but I couldn’t find the same colour material anywhere.  So a desperate phone call to my sister in Perth who is in the same boat as me and it is soon organised to get more material.  Anyway, it is sent to me and it fecking doesn’t match, aagghhhhh!!!!!!!  So now, a complete change of plan and ready made dresses have been bought.  We sent our measurements  to my sister in Perth and she went to the dress shop and bought them all.  They were picked out by the bride from the internet.  Honestly, I cannot wait for this wedding to be over and done with, my life is stessful enough without these shananigans going on 🙄

Comments on: "Olympic Dream 10km" (6)

  1. Wow – good effort – not an ideal day for a run!

  2. morseyruns said:

    I have never been a bridesmaid, and I can only say that it sounds hideous! How nice that you ran faster than you wanted yesterday.

  3. I’ve never been a bridesmaid either, just done the bride thing twice 😀

    Decided I’d never do it again so I am now married by default (changed my name by deedpoll!!).

    I’ve done the Olympic Dream once and both Michelle and I didn’t think we’d do it again. Glad you got out there and just did it 😀

  4. duckgirl said:

    Well done for doing the OD on such a miserable day Lee, and for doing it so well. When is the wedding? Sounds like a nightmare….thank goodness you now have dresses.

  5. nice run lee 🙂

  6. Hey, good run.

    But Euowww on that Dressmaker, in this day and age! I can’t imagine she is going to get much business.

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