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almost the week that was


How quickly a week flies by………

I only managed one 40 minute run down at Princes Park on Wednesday and one x-training session during the week.  I was suppose to go yesterday for another run but it just didn’t happen………  I hate that!!  I am continuing with my stretches and exercises given by Physio on days in between.  RJ and I are doing another Rat Run tomorrow with some Coolrunners and I am aiming for 11km if all feels well.  Unfortunately, RJ is doing a walk/run program that her Physio has set her until her pesky hip settles.  At least she will be down there doing something 🙂   


I went and saw the Podiatrist on Monday as my sciatica had reappeared after I had my othotics adjusted.  He has readjusted them again and so far so good.  The sciatica has definetly improved dramatically.  He also gave me a heel lift to put in the left shoe of any casual shoes to compensate for my leg discrepancy 😳   I think I will know for sure if the adjustment will be enough after tomorrows run.

Before my Physiotherapist went overseas she told me who she wanted me to see when I needed to come back for review.  Well I had that appointment on Thursday and was extremely happy with him.  He is also a distance runner and I feel very confident that he knows his stuff.  I have been having issues with really tight calves and I have shin splints which the Pod told me, so he did a deep tissue massage on the shin area and calves……. ouch!  He also did some dry needling on my lower right back that doesn’t seem to be settling.  He asked me what I had been doing over the past weeks and he thinks I may have done a little too much to soon after my three weeks off from running due to illness.  I have been doing speed, hilly runs and then my first long run, I jumped straight into the 10km Olympic Dream which was quite undulating.  He has also told me I need to address my warming up routine, where I run (have been doing all street runs) and hydration 😳   Pretty much everything really 😆  I have another appointment to see him on Thursday and he is going to give me some exercises that I can do in Perth while away and give me a written running program to follow for the next 10 weeks in lead up to the Melbourne Marathon half, very excited about that!!  Have a massage booked in for Monday and I have to get her to concentrate on those shins and calves.  Don’t think I am looking forward to that!!

12 week star team challenge

Although I did lose  when I weighed myself on Monday, I haven’t awarded myself a glitzy star on my post.  It was a measley 100gms and in my book that just doesn’t cut it!!


Comments on: "almost the week that was" (5)

  1. Hey, a loss is a loss and even better it isn’t a gain!

  2. I’m having the same sort of problem – calves etc. It’s so frustrating isn’t it – when I run, I’m fine cardio-wise but have to have breaks to stretch the calves.

  3. Good luck with the half marathon program Lee. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  4. I have a heel lift in my trainers (I had to buy 3 of them as I rotate the trainers) and I know it made a heap of difference when I was having hip problems.

    How lucky that you’re getting a program written up for you. I just ask Michelle what I should be doing and she tells me 😳

  5. Eeep dry needling, almost makes me cry with the pain when the doc sticks them in my shins but damn it does work.

    That Physio sounds like he is worth his weight is gold, it really pays to see someone who shares your passion for the sport.

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