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I am forever chasing my tail lately in the blogging department.  It doesn’t help that my 10 year old has been hogging my lap because the home computer needs fixing!  RJ’s two boys have introduced him to msn and they asked if they could set him up so they could chat on-line, stupidly I said yes 🙄

I received my program from physio and discussed it with him and he was happy for me to start it.  He has also given me a new range of exercises to do, ones that I can do at home and not have to rely on the reformers at the clinic.  I have been experiencing a new sharp pain in calf that starts when my heel hits the ground.  It shoots up calf and I think, hammy and buttock.  Its quite different to anything that I have had before.  It seems to settle after I have done a few km’s and a few extra stretches.  I am doing heaps of self massage on calves and I had an appointment with my myotherapist this morning and she did all the magical things that she does.  I had more needling and cupping done on calves and shins, and she gave my right lower back, hip area a good going over as that is still sore and, she also did the hamstrings.  I feel as though I have been in a boxing ring at the the moment but I know its all for the good.  I also have started taking magnesium as I have been told they might help the tight calves.


I won’t bore you with all the runs that I have done since I last blogged, I’ll just start with yesterday’s run.  Met up with RJ, Staypuff and Spectre (Cool Runners) down at Como Landing at 8am.  I had been given the go ahead to do a 12km run by the Physio but my Pod wanted me to stay at 10-11km until calf pain and sciatica had settled.  Since my orthotics have had adjustment put on, my sciatica has gone so I decided I would see how the calf behaved and after 5km’s all was well so I ended up doing the 12km’s.  It was a fantastic run along the river and RJ and I finished in the pouring rain which had definetly got us moving 🙂   SP and Spectre threw in a lap of the Tan and because they are fast, they weren’t really that far behind us.  It was so cold but so invigorating.  It was quite funny really because I noticed when I passed other runners going the other way we would say hello with big smiles on our faces……. that can’t be normal surely?? 😆   I have found the long runs with CR’s really great and it is doing heaps for my motivation.  We dried off with a towel and changed into some dry clothes and then eventually found a table at the little cafe there, I think it is called the Kanteen.  I had a coffee and the best blueberry muffin I have ever had in my life, it was yummo!

Well I am off to Perth for two weeks with the kids on Wednesday and to be quite honest, I cannot wait to get it over with.  We will be scattering my Dad’s ashes on the Saturday in a special place at the beach.  I just can’t believe it will be a year since he died, it still seems as though it was only yesterday 😦   My hubby was suppose to be coming along for this trip but was unable to swing it which is a major bummer for me.  I also have to get through my sisters wedding in Kalgoorlie which is going to be an experience in itself.  I just hope that bloody Bridesmaid dress fits!!!!  Still can’t believe I am a bridesmaid at the age of 106 🙄

Comments on: "black cloud" (4)

  1. The run sounds good, as does the muffin 😀

    Hope the trip to Perth goes as smoothly as it can for you.

  2. I’m sure you will be a beautiful bridesmaid!

    My kids are always on MSN – 24×7.

  3. Hey Lee, sounds like it will be an emotional couple of weeks for you. Hope it all goes well.

  4. WOW.you look awesome for 106…lol

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