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I’m back….

Well I think I managed to experience every conceivable emotion possible for my stay in Perth. We came home on Monday and it has taken me a week to recover. I have been feeling totally exhausted!! I won’t bore you with the family saga’s but there were many.  I will say this though, going home catapulted me back in time and knocked me for a six.  I am actually glad I had the time in Perth before wedding as I think I needed it so that I can really come to terms with the fact that Dad is no longer with us.  Even though it was planned to scatter my Dad’s ashes we didn’t end up doing it.  I just wasn’t ready and thankfully my sister’s didn’t give me to much grief about it.  My Aunty will keep his ashes until it is decided on a more appropriate time.


Although I haven’t done any long runs since my last one with the CR’s, I did manage to do 6-7km runs in Perth around the beautiful Swan river.  I use to love going down there when I lived there and sometimes I really miss it.  If only I was running back then as I only lived 10mins from it.  Unfortunately once I hit Kalgoorlie, it was impossible to fit any runs in.  In fact had I been able, I probably wouldn’t have as it is very much a man’s town with one or two drunk aborigines floating around.  On arrival into town we were greeted with two aborigines have a punch up but the funny thing was, they were so drunk it was like they fighting in slow motion with hardly any punches actually connecting with opponent , pmsl!

I did my first run back in Melbourne on Friday down the Merri Creek trail and thankfully calves have settled.  The hot spot that I had on my right shin seems to have settled significantly.  The rest must have helped I think.  Unfortunately my sciatica is back which was my stupid fault as I forgot to put the little 6mm innersole heal lift into runners while in Perth.  I had left it in casual shoe and just clean forgot about it.  I couldn’t for the life of me work out why it was coming back until Wednesday when I saw lift in my casual shoe!  What a complete doofus 😯    

I will be meeting RJ for a 14km long run tomorrow.  We are going to meet at Como’s landing once I have dropped kids off at school and kinder.  We were going to do the 10km Human race today but in the end we decided we couldn’t be stuffed going into city yesterday to register.  RJ had finished work later than anticipated and we decided it was all a bit to hard.  We opted instead to leisurely get together to celebrate my Birthday which was on the 28th and my Hubby’s which is today (31st).  We had a very pleasant arvo/evening topping it off with a really yummy Birthday cake for the two of us.  Needless to say I will resuming Weight Watchers tomorrow 🙄


Comments on: "I’m back…." (5)

  1. Cake is good 😀 And at least you got some runs in on hols, it’s so easy not to.

  2. Happy birthday! I loved running along the Swan- it is just so beautiful there.

  3. Welcome back and happy birthday to you and hubby!

    Hopefully the sciatica will settle quickly once the orthotic goes back in!

  4. Welcome home Lee. Good to see that you got some runs in while you were in WA.

    I have a heel lift in all 3 pairs of my trainers so that I don’t forget to change them. I went to the Physio and got the extra ones (cost me $10 each though 😯 ).

    Happy belated birthday 😀

  5. happy bday matey 🙂
    ughghggh family sagas!they just go hand in hand those words dont they

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