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Dilly daddled around this morning and left it a little late to go to the gym.  I decided that this was my opportunity to get out for a run as I had to do something.  I decided not to wear garmin but just my watch and go by time……. I didn’t want to get too depressed with distance covered in the planned 30 minutes.  So I hit the street and headed down to local lake.  It was really warm and sticky out there and I was dying of thirst by the time I finished!  I am really happy that I did it and hopefully this will get me on a roll for the running now.  All my niggles felt ok and my knee that has been giving me grief held up well, the VMO exercises I have been doing must be doing the trick.  I still have the plantar fasciitis though which is really annoying especially as I haven’t been running!  I am going to try and do all my physio exercises sometime today because I missed out on my weights.

Booked our summer holiday today…… we are off to Lakes Entrance with RJ and family, woohooo, can’t wait for that!  😀

*edit*  Physio and core exerscises done 🙂


Comments on: "we’re all going on a summer holiday" (2)

  1. I realised I didn’t answer your question on my blog about which VMO exercise my physio made me do. It’s pretty simple. Lie on back with legs outstretched in front and a rolled up towel under the knee joint of the leg in question. Then simply slowly raise the lower part of the leg until you can’t go any further, hold for 5 seconds and slowly lower. Repeat for 10 in each set. Do 5 sets.

  2. Glad you got out for a run Lee and that your knee was good.

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday

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