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It has been quite hectic in my household and we are in school holiday mode. We have RJ’s two boys over for a few days and with the my two boys, to say it is noisy, is a bit of an understatement 😆 My boys received the World Tour Guitar Hero Playstation kit which has drums, guitars and a microphone, get the picture! They are loving it but I am not sure about the neighbours, had no complaints yet but waiting! They have also been trying to break their record of staying up late and I can confidently say they broke it last night or this morning I should say. It was around 6.30am so I am looking forward to a quiet day 😆

 Its RJs birthday today and she is coming over later this arvo with her hubby and we are all going out for dinner at the local Zagames. The food is not too bad and they have an indoor playground to keep the pesky 5 year busy. The boys keep themselves occupied with the $2 machines to try and lift crappy toys out of it so we should be able to relax a little, or at least until they run out of two dollar coins.

 I have an interview tomorrow at a Nurses agency so that I can start working when I get back from our beach holiday. It feels very weird re-entering the work force and this is the longest I have ever been not working. I am a little nervous but I know it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things and then I will be right. I will do agency until I can work out where I really want to be and what sort of shifts to do. I think at this stage I am leaning towards night duty shifts. As much as I use to hate doing stints of night duty, I think this will be the easiest way to keep up other commitments with the kids. It won’t be full-time so I am pretty sure I will be able to manage it.

 Can anyone one enlighten me, I have been trying to add a flickr badge with my photo’s onto my blog page but I can’t seem to do it? Not sure where I am going wrong…..  when I right click the feed link, I can’t see how I can copy and paste it onto wordpress.  I have also tried putting the jpg link from actual photo into the wordpress flickr line but even though link goes into box, the photo doesn’t show??  It has been a daily ritual of  trolling the help forums in flickr and wordpress and it is driving me up the wall!!!  I am always a doofus when it comes to computer techo stuff 🙄

 Happy New Year everyone and I will probably post again when we get back from Lakes Entrance 😀


merry christmas

Quick post……..  Merry Christmas everyone!!  Another year nearly over, boy they seem to be flying.  Up with the birds this morning, my two boys were up at 5:15am!  I thought I would try and pull them into line and sent them back to bed with the time of 7am to get up.  That lasted until 5:50am and I gave up!  They were so excited about opening their presents 😆

Had a nice breakfast and I have already had 2 glasses of champagne and orange juice 😳   I am sitting here in my new Elmo Pj’s that I received for Christmas, they are so cute!!  I might wear them to the in-laws today.

Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone 🙂

sussan fun run 10km

When I got up this morning I didn’t really feel like doing a 10km run and was wishing I had entered the 5km.   Anyway, buckled down, got ready and scooted out the door.  I had just driven around the corner from my house and realised I had forgotten my mobile.  So turned around and went back home and quietly prayed the pesky 4 year old wasn’t up for me to contend with.  Thankfully entire family was still sound asleep!

Found parking easy enough but had to wait for metre to tick over to 7am before I could put any money in.  That was a bit annoying as it was only 6:45am!  Made my way down to registration area, donned my number and I was set to go.  Heard someone call my name and it was CR alisonjc.  Had a bit of a chat and then it wasn’t long and we were joined by Mr and Mrs Wombat, Peekie and then Sara.  It is always nice to catch up with fellow runners before events.

It was a really beautiful sunny morning with only a slight cool breeze.  It wasn’t long before I was wishing I had put on a sleeveless top and also again that I was doing the 5km instead of 10km 😆    10km is a long way and its funny because when family or friends ask me which distance I am doing, I always say, oh only the 10km!

Around the 6km mark my twinge down my left buttock/leg started and it pissed me off because I was hoping to do whole 10km without it happening.  I might have to go back to physio about it but quite frankly I am sick of handing over the dollar’s.  Whichever drink station came next, I grabbed a water and stretched that side a little and that seemed to help it.  That was the only stop I had along the way so I didn’t stick with my original plan to run 15mins walk 1 min entire way 😉      

At around the 8.5km mark, I saw that my time wasn’t too bad and all of a sudden I was going for a PB!!  I had a lot of steam left in the bank and started gunning it a bit towards finish.  I wanted to overtake some runners on the home stretch but it was so narrow and some were running 4 abreast.  I did try though and when I think of it, I must have looked like a bit of a idiot, pmsl.  Anyway crossed the finish in just over 62 minutes so relatively happy with that.  Have decided today though that my mission next year is to do a sub 60 10km!!

I thought this event was well organised and the show bag was pretty impressive.  Love the black tee with pink runner on front 😀   I will be back again for this one next year.

bod is feeling good

When I woke up this morning I realised I had very minimal pain in my usual spots, woo hoo!  I always wake with something going on….. I think my gym program/physio/massaging with spiky ball and foam roller is really starting to pay off.  Note to self, keep at it!!

After dropping my 4 year off at kinder this morning, I went straight to gym and did usual stuff.  I then came home and went straight out and did a 30 minute run.  It was a tad warm out by the time I started but I finished feeling great.  Just a shame about the beetroot sweaty face at the end of it 😆

I think I have been a bit of a doofus regarding the Sussan Fun Run.  I should have entered the 5km not the 10km but I am not going to change it.  I have decided to walk run it in a sensible manner, run 15m/walk 1m entire way,  well that’s the plan anyway.  I am also stressing abit about parking 🙄

I really miss my sister 😦   She had to move to America with her family (husband and my two nephews) about 6 weeks after my other sister’s wedding in August.  Even though she was in Perth and I am here in Melbourne, we were always on the phone.  I miss that I can’t do that anymore.  We have been chatting a little through Skype but it is just not the same.  I think that is why I have been feeling a little in the dumps lately as well as other stuff that is going on.  With Christmas approaching you just can’t help but think about your family.  I guess I should count my blessing that I am not completely alone as I do have two very pesky sons and a pesky husband now that I think of it.  They certainly all keep me busy if not entertained!!

lights, baubles, action

Ran for 40mins on Monday and it was a great run.  Today I went to the gym, did my weights, physio stuff and did some x-training for 30 minutes.  I feel so good when I can keep my exercise consistent!

I entered the Sussan Fun Run today and was all set to enter the 5km but ended up entering the 10km 😆  I know I should have probably stuck with the 5km but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I know I can run the 10km but the sensible side of me was saying to do the shorter distance….. Oh well, who says I am sensible 😉

Pulled the Christmas tree out today and have started to dress it with the kid’s.  It is going to be a long negotiating process I can see!  I know I should just let them do it but I can’t help but try to teach them about co-ordinating the baubles around the tree 🙄

sussan fun run

I have alway’s wanted to do this Fun Run and I am seriously thinking about doing it this Sunday.  I just can’t decide on distance.  I have been running consistently for last couple of weeks and keeping runs to around 40 minutes.  I think I can say keeping to shorter distances, weight program at gym and physio exercises are starting to pay off.  I am thinking that the 10km may be too much but the 5km is not long enough, an 8km would have been perfect 🙄   I don’t want to upset the apple cart as all my niggles appear to be settling with what I have been doing.  Aaagghhh, decisions! 

I can’t seem to get myself into the Christmas spirit at the moment and I hate the hype that surround’s it.  Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas for my kid’s but every year it just seems to get worse.  I alway’s feel the pressure from other half’s family as they just go banana’s in the present department and I hate it!!  It is all so unnecessary.  We have also had a few family drama’s, and quite frankly I am just over it!  I love all my family both sides but sometimes I wish I could just crawl under a rock!

Here is one of my absolute favourite photo’s from my sisters wedding back in August, I am on the right 🙂   



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