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sussan fun run

I have alway’s wanted to do this Fun Run and I am seriously thinking about doing it this Sunday.  I just can’t decide on distance.  I have been running consistently for last couple of weeks and keeping runs to around 40 minutes.  I think I can say keeping to shorter distances, weight program at gym and physio exercises are starting to pay off.  I am thinking that the 10km may be too much but the 5km is not long enough, an 8km would have been perfect 🙄   I don’t want to upset the apple cart as all my niggles appear to be settling with what I have been doing.  Aaagghhh, decisions! 

I can’t seem to get myself into the Christmas spirit at the moment and I hate the hype that surround’s it.  Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas for my kid’s but every year it just seems to get worse.  I alway’s feel the pressure from other half’s family as they just go banana’s in the present department and I hate it!!  It is all so unnecessary.  We have also had a few family drama’s, and quite frankly I am just over it!  I love all my family both sides but sometimes I wish I could just crawl under a rock!

Here is one of my absolute favourite photo’s from my sisters wedding back in August, I am on the right 🙂   




Comments on: "sussan fun run" (2)

  1. morseyruns said:

    Great photo! I am doing the run on sunday so I might see you there!

  2. Love the sisters photo Lee. It looks like the three of you are having a lot of fun.

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