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lights, baubles, action

Ran for 40mins on Monday and it was a great run.  Today I went to the gym, did my weights, physio stuff and did some x-training for 30 minutes.  I feel so good when I can keep my exercise consistent!

I entered the Sussan Fun Run today and was all set to enter the 5km but ended up entering the 10km 😆  I know I should have probably stuck with the 5km but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I know I can run the 10km but the sensible side of me was saying to do the shorter distance….. Oh well, who says I am sensible 😉

Pulled the Christmas tree out today and have started to dress it with the kid’s.  It is going to be a long negotiating process I can see!  I know I should just let them do it but I can’t help but try to teach them about co-ordinating the baubles around the tree 🙄


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  1. We put up our Xmas tree on Sunday and I’ve had to adjust all the baubles on the tree as Alana doesn’t seem to understand the concept that they can’t just dangle off the ends otherwise they fall off!!

    Good luck on Sunday.

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