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bod is feeling good

When I woke up this morning I realised I had very minimal pain in my usual spots, woo hoo!  I always wake with something going on….. I think my gym program/physio/massaging with spiky ball and foam roller is really starting to pay off.  Note to self, keep at it!!

After dropping my 4 year off at kinder this morning, I went straight to gym and did usual stuff.  I then came home and went straight out and did a 30 minute run.  It was a tad warm out by the time I started but I finished feeling great.  Just a shame about the beetroot sweaty face at the end of it 😆

I think I have been a bit of a doofus regarding the Sussan Fun Run.  I should have entered the 5km not the 10km but I am not going to change it.  I have decided to walk run it in a sensible manner, run 15m/walk 1m entire way,  well that’s the plan anyway.  I am also stressing abit about parking 🙄

I really miss my sister 😦   She had to move to America with her family (husband and my two nephews) about 6 weeks after my other sister’s wedding in August.  Even though she was in Perth and I am here in Melbourne, we were always on the phone.  I miss that I can’t do that anymore.  We have been chatting a little through Skype but it is just not the same.  I think that is why I have been feeling a little in the dumps lately as well as other stuff that is going on.  With Christmas approaching you just can’t help but think about your family.  I guess I should count my blessing that I am not completely alone as I do have two very pesky sons and a pesky husband now that I think of it.  They certainly all keep me busy if not entertained!!


Comments on: "bod is feeling good" (3)

  1. Good to see that you’ve got your mojo back with your running.

    I think you’ll do fine with the run on Sunday, just trust how your body is feeling and enjoy the experience!

  2. Great to hear the body is feeling good!

  3. as you know my sis and my two beautiful nieces are in america-and i cry after a phone call with my sis.i think about them constantly……i miss them dreadfully-even though i have a very lovely bf.

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