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sussan fun run 10km

When I got up this morning I didn’t really feel like doing a 10km run and was wishing I had entered the 5km.   Anyway, buckled down, got ready and scooted out the door.  I had just driven around the corner from my house and realised I had forgotten my mobile.  So turned around and went back home and quietly prayed the pesky 4 year old wasn’t up for me to contend with.  Thankfully entire family was still sound asleep!

Found parking easy enough but had to wait for metre to tick over to 7am before I could put any money in.  That was a bit annoying as it was only 6:45am!  Made my way down to registration area, donned my number and I was set to go.  Heard someone call my name and it was CR alisonjc.  Had a bit of a chat and then it wasn’t long and we were joined by Mr and Mrs Wombat, Peekie and then Sara.  It is always nice to catch up with fellow runners before events.

It was a really beautiful sunny morning with only a slight cool breeze.  It wasn’t long before I was wishing I had put on a sleeveless top and also again that I was doing the 5km instead of 10km 😆    10km is a long way and its funny because when family or friends ask me which distance I am doing, I always say, oh only the 10km!

Around the 6km mark my twinge down my left buttock/leg started and it pissed me off because I was hoping to do whole 10km without it happening.  I might have to go back to physio about it but quite frankly I am sick of handing over the dollar’s.  Whichever drink station came next, I grabbed a water and stretched that side a little and that seemed to help it.  That was the only stop I had along the way so I didn’t stick with my original plan to run 15mins walk 1 min entire way 😉      

At around the 8.5km mark, I saw that my time wasn’t too bad and all of a sudden I was going for a PB!!  I had a lot of steam left in the bank and started gunning it a bit towards finish.  I wanted to overtake some runners on the home stretch but it was so narrow and some were running 4 abreast.  I did try though and when I think of it, I must have looked like a bit of a idiot, pmsl.  Anyway crossed the finish in just over 62 minutes so relatively happy with that.  Have decided today though that my mission next year is to do a sub 60 10km!!

I thought this event was well organised and the show bag was pretty impressive.  Love the black tee with pink runner on front 😀   I will be back again for this one next year.


Comments on: "sussan fun run 10km" (5)

  1. Well done today .. did it end up a PB?

  2. Em mentioned that the showbag was a really good one!

    Congratulations on doing the 10km. 60 mins is really achievable.

  3. Nice work! You should have joined the pacing bus with Vic and I- I was determined not to let her go. 60 mins is definitely achievable for you- soon!

  4. Great showbags!!!!

    And I am wearing the T-Shirt right now.

    Brilliant run too, I am sure you will make it under 60 minutes before December next year.

  5. so was it a pb? great work-understand re -the cash- clinical pilates-whilst a MASSIVE cash outlay initially for 4 weeks has meant a significant(hank god) decrease in pain..
    email me on janey572@hotmail.com if you want to discuss
    i religiously do clinical pilates-missed 2 weeks and am feeling it 😦

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