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It has been quite hectic in my household and we are in school holiday mode. We have RJ’s two boys over for a few days and with the my two boys, to say it is noisy, is a bit of an understatement 😆 My boys received the World Tour Guitar Hero Playstation kit which has drums, guitars and a microphone, get the picture! They are loving it but I am not sure about the neighbours, had no complaints yet but waiting! They have also been trying to break their record of staying up late and I can confidently say they broke it last night or this morning I should say. It was around 6.30am so I am looking forward to a quiet day 😆

 Its RJs birthday today and she is coming over later this arvo with her hubby and we are all going out for dinner at the local Zagames. The food is not too bad and they have an indoor playground to keep the pesky 5 year busy. The boys keep themselves occupied with the $2 machines to try and lift crappy toys out of it so we should be able to relax a little, or at least until they run out of two dollar coins.

 I have an interview tomorrow at a Nurses agency so that I can start working when I get back from our beach holiday. It feels very weird re-entering the work force and this is the longest I have ever been not working. I am a little nervous but I know it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things and then I will be right. I will do agency until I can work out where I really want to be and what sort of shifts to do. I think at this stage I am leaning towards night duty shifts. As much as I use to hate doing stints of night duty, I think this will be the easiest way to keep up other commitments with the kids. It won’t be full-time so I am pretty sure I will be able to manage it.

 Can anyone one enlighten me, I have been trying to add a flickr badge with my photo’s onto my blog page but I can’t seem to do it? Not sure where I am going wrong…..  when I right click the feed link, I can’t see how I can copy and paste it onto wordpress.  I have also tried putting the jpg link from actual photo into the wordpress flickr line but even though link goes into box, the photo doesn’t show??  It has been a daily ritual of  trolling the help forums in flickr and wordpress and it is driving me up the wall!!!  I am always a doofus when it comes to computer techo stuff 🙄

 Happy New Year everyone and I will probably post again when we get back from Lakes Entrance 😀


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  1. Happy returning work 😀

  2. im sure you will quite enjoy it 🙂 ugghghghg night shift followed by looking after kids with no sleep-dont know how much fun thhat sounds though 😉

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