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sri chinmoy 5km

I almost didn’t make this run today as I slept in and nearly decided to just roll over and go back to sleep.  What got me there was that I had made the decision that this was the run that was going to get me back on track.  I managed to get out the door by 7am.  After parking and registering, I made my way to the traditional toilet queue 😆  After about 10 minutes with the line moving very slowly and after each person coming out saying, “eeewww grosssss”, I decided to make my way to one of the toilets on Royal Parade.  Just wasn’t sure I could face anything gross that early in the morning!  I had 20 minutes up my sleeve so went for a jog there and back.  As I was approaching the start line, I realised that they were about to start any second so I didn’t get time to get my breathe back.  My watch must have been 5 minutes slow 🙄 

I struggled today 😦  I know I haven’t ran since the 10km Sussan run but I wasn’t expecting it to feel quite so bad.  At 2kms I felt as though I needed to walk and the self talk at this stage was very abusive!  I managed to hold off until the drink station and then walked for 1 minute.  My lower back has been giving me quite a bit of grief even though I haven’t been doing any form of exercise.  I thought maybe rest might help it but it hasn’t at all.  I also think driving back from Lakes Entrance for 3 and 1/2 hours non stop on Thursday may have aggravated it as well.  Anyway, started running again and had another walk break at the incline just after the underpass 😦  At this stage I was feeling very disgruntled with performance.  Finished in 32 minutes 😳  I know I can do better than that!

I was talking to one of the Coolrunner’s afterwards and I said to him that I couldn’t believe that I had ran a half marathon only 3 months ago and I struggled more today than I did in that.  He said to me, “don’t look back, just look forward”……….  I really liked that comment and thats what I am going to do.  Needless to say, I have a physio appointment on Thursday 🙄 

It was just what I needed today, to get out there with all the other runners and have a good chat afterwards.  There are some really inspiring people in the running community and even though I am not fantastic at running, I love being a part of it 😀


Comments on: "sri chinmoy 5km" (7)

  1. I think you did fantastically well just getting out the door.

    I could have done this run today, but was feeling way too slack to even contemplate it 😳

    It’s so much easier to get going again once you’ve got that first run under your belt.

    Good luck with the physio

  2. Hope all those aches and pains come good. As Jay said, well done for just getting there and doing it!

  3. GrizzlyBear said:

    Good to see you back out there today! Well done.

    And great to chat at the end.


  4. Nice work – sometimes getting out the door is so hard! At least your next run will be so much better.

  5. sassydrcil said:

    Hey, I wish I could run 5km in 32 minutes! I find that pilates and stretching (esp bum, hammies, hip flexors) helps with my back pain immensely.

  6. its just the thing to get you back on track 🙂 🙂

  7. Again, I am sorry I missed you and was totally “in the zone” under that bridge (and a little freaked out because I had sunnies on and suddenly it was very dark!).

    Don’t fret, that don’t look back statement is spot on. Just set yourself some small goals to get the consistency back and you are back on track 🙂

    And yeah, what was up with the toilet queue?? My rule of thumb is that the more time someone spends in a porta loo the less likely I am going to want to be next!

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