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shower anyone?

Went for a run down at Princes Park this morning and it was already quite humid by the time I set off.  Had a bit of a sleep in so I didn’t get there until about 8.30am.  All felt good apart from normal pain in the butt 😆  I ended up having to cancel two physio appointments and have it rescheduled now for 6th Feb!   Have to make sure I get to this one as my physio is getting married and having a month off after that. 

Have been running consistently since Sri Chinmoy and jumped ship from Weight Watchers to Calorie King a few days ago.  I was getting really bored with WW and so far so good on the Calorie King wagon!

Driving home from PP this morning I drove past a burst water main and felt it was worth a drive back to show the kids.





Comments on: "shower anyone?" (7)

  1. OMG – what a terrible waste of water! I hope they didn’t leave it too long before fixing it!

  2. I know!!! You try your hardest to conserve it and then you drive past something like that 😯

  3. Such a waste. Wish I’d had my water buckets there. My plants sure could use a drink right now 🙄

  4. morseyruns said:

    Can’t believe your physio is going to have a month off- doesn’t she know that she is needed- hello, where is the dedication?

  5. Cool pictures. Glad to hear you are running so consistently Lee.

  6. ooh i hope they got to it quickly-but pretty cool piccies

  7. Hope you’re doing okay … been quiet in blogland!

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